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I want to make a video game character for unity, with a face generator.

Problem is, I don't know how to make the eyes customizable, while at the same time being able to blink. I'm using shape keys for the blinking, but all the resizing I've tried screw with it.

I also tried using bones, but the effect wasn't that great either.

Is there a solution? What am I missing? Any tip?
Nevermind, I found a solution. It is horrible though.

I made a cludged sort of "compensator", a shape key that corrects the distortion of the bones changing the shape of the eye. By hand. I'm disgusted, but it appears to work.
Thanks for letting us know.
Those "nvm I found the solution" in closed threads online regularly infuriate me when I'm looking for solutions
Oh dear lord please tell me you aren't using my "solution", because seriously, this feels like putting goto's in modern code.

But yes, it infuriates me when people dont' share their solutions after asking for one.
From here:

Unity is unfortunately one of the only modern game engines that doesn't support model morphs, so the only way to accomplish this (that I know of) is by doing it Half-Life 1 style; inserting bones into each facial feature you want to modify/animate and manipulating their positions. For instance, to manipulate cheek height, you would insert a bone into each cheek, weight map it properly in your 3D program, and have some sort of sliders or values in-game to adjust the height of the bones, thus faking morphing of the cheeks.
File: UnityShapeKeys1-1.png (309 KB, 1368x1536)
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309 KB PNG
>Unity is unfortunately one of the only modern game engines that doesn't support model morphs
Last I checked Unity supported Blendshapes/Shapekeys unless that's changed recently. I know for sure that one furry trash porn game Rack 2 exploits Shapekeys for many of the character customization stuff and that shit running on Unity.

Shapekeys should work out of the box in Unity, assuming you're using .fbx models. You're still gonna have to come up with and figure out your own character customization implementation though.
File: arm1.png (28 KB, 452x325)
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>You're still gonna have to come up with and figure out your own character customization implementation though.

I know. It is an interesting problem.

My first attempt used shape keys without any problem, and also some bones.

The issues from this one steem from the fact that I want the eyes to blink, and pure shape keys cannot deal with that while at the same time resizing and rotating and translating the eyes. (the sums are absolute, not relative to a scale the vertex cannot know)

The obvious option would be to use a lot of bones, but Unity has a limitation here: Any vertice can only be influenced by 4 bones. So I have to be creative.

I am implementing other "morphs" too, like altering the lenght of the limbs. The way parenting works with bones in Unity means that I cannot simply scale one in any axis, without distorting the result. So I have to use 2 bones for each limb segment, which surprisingly works like a charm.
Hey, I found a non-stupid solution after all.

See, the idea of using a shape key to "correct" the distorsion caused by the bone? It applies to correct shape key distortions too.

So instead of 4 bones precisely deforming the eyelids, one shape key serves as well, and allows for more precise shape. And the bone used to scale the whole eye still works!

Next I'll be testing interpolation between multiple eye shapes, to test this idea to the limit.

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