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File: general.jpg (444 KB, 2000x1086)
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Fuck it, I'm opening this thread because there have been too many times I didn't want to open a whole new thread for something stupid I wanted to say or ask, and I didn't know where else to post. So let this be a thread where we can just talk about 3DCG in general.

Post literally whatever - shitpost, ask questions, post WIPs, ask for feedback - it's up to you. If there is no thread where your post really fits, just post it here.
File: IMG_20171006_220151.jpg (2.14 MB, 4160x3120)
2.14 MB
2.14 MB JPG
Yeah, image took with a phone because my screenshot program of choice is alt-tabbing away when I try to make screens from this game.

I played some Battlefront 2 beta and what is this? Stretched UVs, black edges which look like seams due to bad lightmapping, edges on the UV space were not connected anywhere (looks like they were applying basic flatten mapping and called it a day)... Is this normal occurrence in professional work, especially a game of this calibre?
File: IMG_20171006_221724.jpg (2.11 MB, 4160x3120)
2.11 MB
2.11 MB JPG
File: IMG_20171006_221229.jpg (2.59 MB, 4160x3120)
2.59 MB
2.59 MB JPG
Also, I wasn't examining games like this before getting into 3DCG, but I'm actually surprised by the "meh" quality of individual meshes in the scene. Ofc, I'm not saying 3D artists did a bad job, after all, they had to be optimized for the game so the poly count and textures are both of a lower quality than they would be for a portfolio shot. But still, this game looks gorgeous despite this. Could it be that the lighting is an actual key for it? Because honestly, I can produce models of a similar quality, but they still don't looks as good because I don't know so much about lighting. Am I right or am I wrong about this?

Btw a guy who did UE4 lighting academy videos on YT is a lighting artist at DICE, maybe he worked on this project as well. But for anyone interested in learning more about lighting, check out his tutorials.

When you are an artist looking for a job, you spend all of your time making sure that your portfolio pieces are extremely good, and without any errors.

However, inside the industry you are asked to do things fast. You are paid to spit assets at the speed of light, the more assets you do in less time, the more time you are saving the company. As long as everything looks good in general it doesn't matter, nobody cares about those by-most-people-unnoticeable stuff (be honest, if you didn't know anything about 3dgc you wouldn't even have noticed those errors, you'd be too busy shooting drones).
I agree, I wouldn't notice it. Is it a bad thing to sometimes rush with assets even in my personal projects, though? For example, I have something I'm working on right now, but if I tried to make every single object in my interior (like chairs, furniture and such) perfect, I would never finish the project, I'd probably burn out.

So sometimes I just go through it fast, and just make sure it looks good in general, like you said. I'll also apply some flatten mappings, or have some seams on places that could have been without them, but they are usually in places where nobody would ever see it while going through the environment, so why would it matter? Basically, it depends how important every object in the scene is - if something is just there to be more of a filler, I'd do it in an hour tops and be done with it. Is that a bad thing if I plan on maybe using that project for a portfolio one day?

I'd think they'd rather want to see the general quality, and wouldn't go in a full autism mode, checking every inch for a perfect topology and perfect texturing, especially if those would never be requirements in the actual production anyway.
>Is it a bad thing to sometimes rush with assets even in my personal projects, though?

It depends.

Are you in a hurry to produce lots of portfolio pieces so you can get hired? As long as it is good enough for your employer to hire you, neglect as many little things as you want.

Are you a hobbyist and do it just because you want/like it? It depends. Of course you can't lose time doing every little tiny shitty thing, at least not for long before you contemplate suicide. Also, the larger your projects are the more you will need to spend on them, it's logical.

What I mean is that when you work for others, you have to do what your boss tells you. If you are on your own, you are the one who decides what to prioritise.

For me, I don't care about time, I care about results; I won't ever ever work in the industry, nor I am studying something related to cg, I do it because I love it.

I love to model guns, I love to model environments, I love to try new workflows until I fall in love with one of them, I would like to photoscan my own face and rig it as best as possible, I would like to make one of those cool af sci fi helmets, I would like to create my own game one day from scratch.

I do this because I love it, it's what I want to spend some of my free time with; I only care about doing my best, and getting the best looking shit I can pull off.

You cannot care about every little finicky detail, but for me it's sad that for most people it's the norm to basically neglect the most basic stuff.
why can't I find any SFM of loli?
File: Model.png (129 KB, 530x484)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
Is it even possible to sculpt hair.
using Dyno- in blender.
model the strands first, yanal sosak havea good tutorial on that
How many of you have ArtStation profiles? Did you benefit from it in any way? I'd like to create my own, but I see that everyone uses their full IRL names on it. Could I just use a nickname, and will that affect me negatively?
artstation is just there for convenience just in case you want to send your portfolio for people or just find your works easily.
you can use behance,deviantart,photobucket etc but artstation is the best one (at least for me)
Do you know if it is possible to change your username later on? I'd like to register with a nickname, but in the future I'd maybe want change it to a full name.
i don't think they care? i know that chillidog uses his nickname on there and he is quite the artist.
just write student,hobbyist,3d enthusiast. whatever
Fug, I see they do require a verification. I don't want to connect this 3D thing with my name until I get really good at it, so I guess I'll have to wait.
they don't require verification. they just need your name for your own sake, they don't have regulations as to whenever you need to put a real name or not.
and if they do? big deal. there are tons of artstation competitors, but you would want artstation to observe and see what others are doing
I want to remodel my house, what are good programs for planning/testing stuff out (right now I want to use sims 3 which probably isn't an ideal solution).
Is there something like a facial autorig?

Im lazy
I have done that stuff in sketchup easily if you just want a simple model with measurements and textures
yea, there is about 2, however they're mostly aimed towards realistic human characters. So if you have a character that has abnormal large proportions such as eyes. it wont be to helpful for you.
Why is getting good (at least decent enough that people will like your work) in 3D so easy? I put a fraction of time in it compared to other hobbies, yet I'm already getting lots of positive comments on my work, which is not the case with my music for example, and I've been playing and composing for years.

Is it really that easy and does that mean I could potentially improve fast in 2D art as well, or would I get rekt there if I tried?
Post work.
Battlefront is all photogrammetry, so the artifacts practically a given.
File: Haku Me!Me!Me! Frame100 s.png (3.93 MB, 2560x3240)
3.93 MB
3.93 MB PNG
MMD is a pretty neat program.
Lots of cute models all following the same animation rig, and people share motion files.
Correct, actually you made me wonder now, because I don't have an experience of the whole photogrammetry process - is it hard to properly unwrap those kinds of models? Because then I could understand some issues with textures, but I thought that it's the same as it is with sculpting - retopologize it and then unwrap it, like always. In that case this is unacceptable.
Yeah it's the same as with sculpting.
File: BelfMEMEME.webm (1.91 MB, 640x360)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB WEBM
wherd u get the animation?
File: uvFW6RO.jpg (997 KB, 2938x2203)
997 KB
997 KB JPG
How would you model something like this? I think it's better to just use a bunch of separate boxes where the geometries overlap, rather than using tons of extrusions and ending up with too many faces.
File: 6169668740_b756389f12_b.jpg (290 KB, 1024x683)
290 KB
290 KB JPG
And also the same question for this. I tried starting from a box and ended up with so many edges that I fucked up everything. Maybe I should have used the Chamferzone method and just created cuts on the faces I need (and end up with tons of ngons). I was thinking about modeling pieces like balconies separately as well.
File: noway.png (468 KB, 1459x773)
468 KB
468 KB PNG
There is NO way this is an efficient and optimized method.

File: Oh God what have I done.png (74 KB, 1336x771)
74 KB
Same reply to you:
I even got fucked and had random vertices everywhere, it's a bit hard to wrap my head around it. Like, do I need two full edge loops just to create a single balcony wall? The only other method I can think of is to make a cut just along that face, so it doesn't go full circle around the box.
You don't need all them loops

And don't worry so much about polycount it's not that big of an issue
File: what.png (26 KB, 1438x732)
26 KB
How can I reduce the loops then? If I add them just on the faces where I need them for the extrusion, I'll get ngons like in pic related.
File: or this.png (255 KB, 1125x653)
255 KB
255 KB PNG
Or should I just cut wherever I need it and get ngons like here?
So? Who cares about ngons
You won't animate or subdivide that thing anyway
That's true, they will still be able to convert to triangles in the game engine, right? It just feels wrong, I don't know. Thought it's not the right way to do it.
They will triangulate.
Instead of running a loop for every edge, you can also have them end in a triangle and continue with one edge.

Technically what you did is correct but it'd not necessary for that kind of model
Turn the roof into two tris by joining the corners, then turn the corner with the extra verts into a tri
Or just leave it as ngons if it's a static model.
File: Clipboard.jpg (149 KB, 680x825)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
Used to been a thread for blueprints and such for references, seems this is gonna be the best place for me to share this website I seen.


Bunch of guns from multiple angles and disassembled so you know how to break it all down into simpler to model elements.

Link is to the disassembled views but the tags on the left will take you to the photos of guns from multiple angles.
Is it possible to rip 3D models from games? Like, can I e.g. go into source of The Witcher 3 and take a model and import it to 3ds max?
Yeah, you should Google it though because there's different ways.

Sometimes there's tools to take em right out the files of the specific game or engine, sometimes you gotta use Ninjaripper and just dump the whole loaded scene.
Quick question about Maya orient constraints:

How can I get an orient constraint (or any other constraint for that matter) have a gradual influence on the constrained object at a value from 0 to 1?

The way it works by default is that if at 0, there is no influence, and at 0.001 there is full influence.

It seems to be built so that you're supposed to blend between different attributes in the constraint, but in this case I need that influence from a single attribute's value from 0-1 to go smoothly.
why exactly does this need to be a watertight mesh? Just have all the balconies as separate objects. Buildings in real life aren't solid and seamless blocks of concrete.

on thing for sure is to never EVER do this shit
take a look at set driven keys
File: Clipboard.jpg (135 KB, 1317x696)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
Something I realized recently when looking for blueprints is appending blueprints or plans in Google image searches doesn't get me much, instead search for Technical Drawing.

Technical Drawing nets me much better results that are actually what I want, 2D projections of things with accurate proportions and scales.

Typically the difference in results is even worse than pic related, especially if it's a specific part like an open body turnbuckle.

Also CAD can get you good results too, and theoretically "model plans" for hobbyists making scale models but I haven't tried that for anything yet.

If you ever want some mechanical pieces to try modelling for practice, marine hardware is cool.
>tfw I realized all of this hard surface modeling is easy af
>tfw now I kinda feel like everyone can do it easily and I'm literally nothing special
You just basically trace over a reference and move vertices until it looks right, It's that simple, and unlike drawing and painting, unless you're retarded, you can't fuck up dimensions or anything like that. Once you learn basic operations, so much of it becomes trivial.

Ofc, I'm talking about recreating existing daily objects, not designing your own. But technically, it is not that hard.
That part of it isn't too bad, getting it to subdivide cleanly is where the challenge comes in, and also sometimes with figuring out some complex curves from 2D references.

Do you want to post a subdivided mesh with wires to show off and maybe get some feedback or just stopping in for an encouraging post?

I don't know if anyone else here feels like this, maybe I have an old-school way of thinking or something, but I have to share.

I'm recreating some video game environments for practice and when I think about sharing it on the internet, I start thinking about my audience. 3DCG is not an old field of art with rich history, and there are no masters in it like Beethoven or Rembrandt or Tarkovsky or whatever. Also, I don't think old people would particularly care about it either.

Just... If I had a piece of music or a film to share, I would have old masters and teachers to look up to and seeing them being proud of my work would be really important to me. Here, there is no such thing. No tradition, nothing. I can't help but feel that I'm wasting my time doing this, I feel exactly like a kid playing with Minecraft would. Modeling some houses and shit, drag&dropping it on a level and playing with lighting. Fuck me, I don't know how to properly explain this feeling and I'm sure it sounds stupid, but imagine me as a random autist if you want, I don't care.

E.g. I don't know if 3D art has ever been presented and criticized in a same way like other visual arts, there is no cultural scene like that afaik. In this pursuit, I just don't feel like I'm adding to the tradition and like I'm doing something important for the culture and art itself. I just feel like a child playing in the sand. It doesn't feel as respectful as other fields of art.
File: vavwv.gif (2.41 MB, 514x583)
2.41 MB
2.41 MB GIF
I posted in /wsr/ but they said I should ask here and I don't want to make a new thread

In 3ds max when I try to rotate averything it weirdly warps part of it. If I put everything into a group and try to size it down it just slides around instead of changing size. Anyone know how to make it work?
I don't use 3DS Max but this sort of thing can happen in Blender if you're in pose mode and you select every bone and rotate those as opposed to selecting it as an object and rotating that.

Maybe 3DS Max has a pose mode that you're in?
Reposting from /g/'s SQT while I work.

In blender, is there a way to use the knife tool on the uv/image editor to cut topology? It'd save me a lot of time fumbling around in 3D view trying to get clean cuts.
I don't really consider myself an artist so I suppose I don't feel that way, but I see where you're coming from though.

There's no exhibits of 3D models that normal people typically look at and appreciate, unless it's some quirky thing that gets traction on Digg or whatever. I think for most people the lack of a physical thing to look at makes it harder to appreciate as art, not due to any inherent aspect of 3D modelling but rather we're just not used to seeing images on a computer yet in the sense that Computer would end up being part of the art piece rather than a medium.

There's definitely people around that will look at 3D art as art rather than a demonstration of technical prowess, you just need to go to the right places like I suppose Art Station?

I don't know dude, there's a definite cultural scene with stuff like pixel art which is as computers as it gets, and there's scenes for quirky CG demonstrations (called scene as far as I know), there's scenes for video mangling, there's scenes for DIY 3D printing and robotics (maker culture), there's scenes for YouTube poops. And they all to some degree have a culture, a history.

You just gotta find that niche section of society and eventually it'll grow and we won't see the method of viewing the art as an inherent part of the piece anymore, like a hologram or a simple 2D projector.

I mean I guess you could get a CNC machine and a belt sander? http://grunblau.com/ I've been infatuated with this guy lately and he designs something, makes it in Rhino, makes it with a CNC machine, sands it down and either leaves it at that or makes a mold and casts it out of aluminum or brass. A local museum gives classes on casting, you could probably find a class.

3D modelling is definitely art just like traditional, it's just gonna take a while to bridge the cultural gap like with traditional and digital painting or to a lesser extent photography.
Also technology is advancing and things like VR actually exist while we're alive and it's just a headset you can buy for a lot of money and put on your head, there's even augmented reality books currently in testing with some schools that have QR codes for making 3D models appear on an iPad.

We're going to culturally get used to "seeing through" the computer and it'll be easier and easier for people to experience, understand, and appreciate 3D CG art.

Just gotta be patient as the pool of people initiated in 3D art and computers expands.
It looks like there isn't unfortunately, that'd be an interesting way to work: Create a new UV Map, get it all arranged, then start cutting as if you were painting a texture.

You could also go into paint mode and paint right on the UV editor to make some straight lines and trace that with the knife tool. Best option probably.
Basically, what I'm trying to do is cut an edge around a hair texture, so I can assign only the bare minimum transparent parts separate materials to the solid inside. In 3D view, it's doable to knife everything but it's tedious. Knifing in the UV editor would make it a two minute job.
For 3D models like these:
Is it necessary to have a drawing tablet to make them?
I once sculpted a stylized bust only with a mouse and didn't have any problems with it. Tablet would probably just make it easier, but it's possible to do it with mouse + keyboard only.
other artistic fields are just as bad. art is basically worthless now because so many people are making it now. unless you're really fucking good, maybe. don't do it for the community or the accolades or whatever. do it because you enjoy it. the only way you'd have access to "masters" to show your work to is if you're a richfag who can afford to go to some top-tier art school. and these masters will just be guys who probably got a lucky break and wrote a hit song or something and are not really geniuses of beethoven's caliber. the art world in general is nothing like it was in those days, probably due to the rise of the middle class.
Its even worse than that. Modern art is just a circle jerk. Its not about what you can do its about what mental gymnastics you can do to explain what you have done (even if its total shit).
I blame the Jews and the CIA.
Art was once about positively influencing society, since it was co-opted by capitalism its just a giant mindfuck and a blackmarket for rich assholes to park their money in and evade taxes.
Why is that guys knees backwards?
>his knees aren't backward
we don't cotton to freaks round here. now scram!
How do studios manage licenses of their softwares?

Like, do they have one autodesk account with all the licenses on it, and everyone just logs into that account?
How does it work?
Did anybody hear about that 3D artist from Naughty Dog who was sexually assaulted at his job? Dude got fired and has been unemployed for 17 FUCKING MONTHS.

WTF, this makes me scared. Is it this hard to find a job as a 3d artist (environment artist in this case, and not only that - environment artist from a fucking NAUGHTY DOG), or is this a specific situation because he maybe got blacklisted or something?
Did he try to find new job?
*Thinking about booleans*

Whoa nice
I have no clue, but if he mentioned he was out of job for that period of time, he probably did. But how is that possible, environment artist from a fucking Naughty Dog! Same shit has been going around CD Projekt Red these days.
>Model in ngons first
>Create sensible topology later when the shape is done
Ice the cake once it's out the oven.

Also little thing I should've done earlier in Blender: With the knife tool, start new cuts with E instead of hitting enter after each one. Little speedier, especially when you're gonna be hitting C and Z for each new use of the knife tool.

What other little speedups y'all came to late?
I don't know if I'm doing it wrong, but when I used Blender, I used shortcuts for everything ofc. But in 3ds Max, I actually always use the buttons on the right for things like extruding, chamfering and such. Max doesn't have default shortcuts for that, and it seems to me that people actually do prefer those buttons. But I still think that it would work better with some shortcuts, I don't know why I didn't set it up like that yet, though...
File: 14608666927693.png (508 KB, 1144x834)
508 KB
508 KB PNG
Also a little speed up that isn't in the application: Fucking recognize when a shape that needs insets and repeating patterns and all can be unraveled and flattened out for modelling and then curved after the fact. Not just things like pic related where you'd do a textured grip but even doing scifi-looking cuts and indents in cubes and cylinders and all. Hate realizing 20 minutes in I could have been done by now and with less effort had my brain kicked in.
different software does it differently.
ex. autodesk uses flexnet https://knowledge.autodesk.com/customer-service/network-license-administration/get-ready-network-license/choose-license-server-model
Did you set it up yet? :P

Did you look up Blender's default hotkeys from a Wiki or something?

Just reminding you since you seem to believe it would help, but have some block preventing you from doing it.

Supposedly in situations where you know you should do something but end up not doing it, it's helpful to ask yourself if you don't want to do it now, when will you do it? And why not now?

You doing anything right now? I'm not, just going through /3/ looking for questions or requests while I've had Photoshop open for a couple hours because I *was* going to properly size some blueprints for a part that had the wrong scaling on one axis (anti-piracy? came from the shop page) but then I got into a conversation about something I like and got to gush about its history. Suppose I'll fix the blueprints now lol
You can do basic math in the number entry windows in Blender. I still open Calculator to do things and I'll remember oh wait I can just 16/90 in here.

Also Shear's amount is run divided by rise, so shearing a 4 unit tall plane over 2.3 units would be 2.3/4 in the entry box.
File: 1488912145353.jpg (6 KB, 250x242)
6 KB
cgp is down
Its this time of the month again.
Don't worry, they will be up again.
Does anybody know someone who has been a Gnomon student? I'd like to see how their curriculum looks like and what kind of assignments they get.

I've been mostly learning by myself for the past 6 months and I'm interested how would I compare to someone who spent 6 months in Gnomon. And I could probably try working on some assignments they get, too, if there are any available on the internet.
I heard you only get into Gnomon if you're already pretty experienced. So comparing yourself to someone there isn't really a good comparison.

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