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So I've been following "ULTIMATE weapon tutorial" by tim bergholz, and this guy just creates ngons whenever he wants, and basically models in a pretty straigth way (which is no good for the begginers like me following the tutorial).

Well, I ended up with pic related, which is pretty shitty and creates insane pinching. How should I do it to fix it?
Just delete all the triangles and continue the loop all the way around.
The reason he gets away with what he does is that his ngons and tris are on perfectly flat surfaces, so when the mesh is smoothed the distortion isn't visible, you shouldn't try and do that on parts like pic related. I watched a lot of his stuff except the weapon tut, so I don't know what the part in question is supposed to be like, but you also don't really lose much by adding more loops than you need because you'll be baking all of this down to an optimized mesh at the end anyway.
File: Captura.png (212 KB, 533x498)
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He has it in a pretty similar fashion, and he gets away with it...
File: edge.png (427 KB, 994x575)
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You have too many edges terminating on the same vertex, this is called a pole.

What you should do is continue those edges on the top all around the shape. Also you should consider curving the vertical loops forward where it begins to dip down so you can smooth the transition.

Also, and you'll learn this down the line but I don't think it'll hurt introducing it now, you should pay attention to the flow of edges and faces on contours like the hole cut into the gun. Faces should run along the edge of it, and I've marked those in orange.

I don't think you'll need to do this with the indent ahead of the hole but you can try it if you like.

While that is bad form for teaching material, it's a little different from what you have and that difference is the number of edges connected to each vertex.

The two busy areas only connect 6 and 7 edges, which is a lot and I believe 7 is where subdivision doesn't even bother smoothing anymore mathematically speaking, like it actively ignores it.

You have 8 and 9. Ideally you'd keep it at 5 or less unless it looks fine. You just need some more loops that connect underneath the gun to spread them out and it'll be fine.
File: Captura.png (193 KB, 515x459)
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Thank you very much, now it subdivides way smoother. Everything is in quads now, but left some of those "fake tris" because I though that there would be maybe too much polygons if I let each loop end.

Didn't know subdiv gives up at a certain number of edges per vertex, will definitely keep in in mind
You're really far away from there being too many polygons, plus if they're complete loops you'll be able to select the whole thing quickly with whatever the loop select hotkey is in your program.

I see an ngon......
this shape is easy to make with subD alone.

im surprised tim did that
Fixed it seconds after taking the screencap
File: 2345624724.gif (1.28 MB, 200x190)
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1.28 MB GIF
You should instantly steer away from anyone making a "tutorial" involving mixing quads and triangles for something that gets subdivided.
prevent triangles by all means is what I learned

Not true at all. Triangles suck for loop selections, but sometimes you have no other choices (when attaching a hand to an arm for exemple). However, it's goddamn impossible to work with a fully triangulated mesh.
File: 35637.jpg (25 KB, 550x450)
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>but sometimes you have no other choices (when attaching a hand to an arm for exemple)

What the fuck?
Up/downstepping from topology resolution is possible without triangles.

Usage of triangles on mesh that is not supposed to be ultra low poly and even gets subdivided just shows you're not experienced yet.
Doesn't matter as long as the shape has perfectly flat sides. Basic experiment: draw an irregular spline shape and extrude it, edit poly, and make several connections across just so that it isn't entirely one ngon.
Throw on a chamfer modifier affecting only unsmoothed edges and play around with the min value till it looks good, and throw on a turbosmooth as well. If you did everything right, you should have crisp and smooth edges, even with around a dozen verts per poly.
For the purpose of baking a normal map, this is perfectly fine, because that topology is never going to see the light of day, so why waste time and effort religiously ensuring everything is quads? It's not a deformable surface and if you need to sculpt on it, it's one button press in ZBrush to retopo the surface with dynamesh.

As long as the arm and hand terminate in an even amount of edges, you can just run a loop or two back around.
Shut the fuck up.

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