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Idea for a website I plan on building:

It will be an online repository for 3D models from scanned action figures / toys / disney things (mainly for use in 3D printing).

However, as many already know, disney is trying to crack down on people who try to profit off of selling models to 3D print (going so far as to spray coating so it's harder to 3D scan a toy).

However, the difference with my site will be that rather than uploading/selling direct .stl's, which may or may not be illegal, I will be uploading a series of high-quality images (probably around 100 or so) of the toy from all angles, as well as instructions on how to convert those through a free photogrammetry program into a workable 3D model.

Uploading pictures of toys online isn't illegal, so why should many pics of a toy be?

I want to hear suggestions/additions for the site. All criticism welcome.
Hosting all those images isn't going to be fun, and people won't like having to download 100 or so images and process the model on their own.

Just a big disclaimer saying that it's illegal to 3D print these on every page might be enough, and design the website to appear more as a way to display each collector's collection.
You nevertheless risk a lawsuit... long talk made short, don't do it.
o k

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