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Hi guys, I asked this already a few times, but never was able to contact the people that offered help.
There is this all in one portable weed gadget, which I would like to print out on my 3D-printer. I just think that it is too expensive and I reall like to use my printer.
So could somebody please design it and provide the files? I already have some ideas to improve and make it easier to print. If everything works out a gladly send you a piece.
If you are interested please contact me at: 8laze1t4chan@gmail.com
This kind of CAD costs money for a reason. Functional 3D printable threads? Functional 3D printable grinders? Sized to fit specific (designed to fit?) accessories? Yeah, this is a paid project.
Maybe, given that you own a 3D printer, you should lean into your niche hobby and actually learn CAD. Autodesk Inventor bro, it's really the only free solution you're going to get.

But yeah, it looks like something you need to actively develop to actually get a working prototype. How can someone even tackle this without knowing the characteristics of your printer? I'm not surprised you were refused previously. Just do it yourself you bloody orangutan, we'll point you in the right direction, but do this shit yourself.
Yeah I thought I would give this a last try to be lazy. Do you recommend autodesk or fusion 360?
I designed it to around 90% in tinkercad, but I couldn't finish it because of some missing features. Guess I have to learn a complete program for just one piece of plastic fml.
Grinders already exist plenty on thingiverse. I would slap a few designs together and print it out. The problem is spacing everything and the threads.
I would recommend autodesk. From what I understand, it's nice and easy to use without being underpowered.

That said, also totally not even slightly an expert.

Of course, you wouldn't have any of these problems if you just stopped smoking weed and started leaning in to the alcoholism but hey, who am I to judge?
Yeah, that's generally how design works when you don't want to pay, you absolute turnip. Stop being lazy.

I recommend Solidworks, easier to fix your inevitable fuckups. Assemblies and mates will also help you.

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