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1. Why not just use the DAZ Studio general?
Not every technique or function is the same between them.

2. Your program sucks, use mine instead
ok maybe

3. Shouldn't there be a pastebin or something here
Yes, there should be. This is the first thread so maybe this is a good place to start compiling stuff to put in one.

4. Why so few IPs?
Because I'm doing most of the posting until others join in. This was actually a request from >>>/co/95794016 where we were dogpiling on lazy comic book artists who couldn't hide their powerlevel.

5. Why is Poser/DS so shitty?
We have threads up for that already. This is "post tips, tricks, resources" for Poser. Have fun.

6. Hahahaha that model the absolute state of–
It's just a picture mate.
Libraries: Poser doesn't for the most part care where you put your library items. For example, hair props are either actual hair items (.hr2), characters (.cr2), or literal props (.pp2). You can move all of them to the hair folder in the library and even their color/style pose files as well and they will continue to work as expected when you select them. Library divisions are for your convenience, not Poser's.

Get the DAZ-Deals extension and register it. It adds most of what the DAZ store is missing and can be set to watch a specific item for sale prices that dip below your preferred price point and email you when they go there. It also adds the ability to sort a catalog or wishlist by what % off the prices are.

The world doesn't begin and end with DAZ, Renderosity and Renderotica. There are a number of other stores whose content is decent (and in some cases was retired from those other stores), and in a few cases the content's cheaper in the vendor's own store than at Rendo with the exception of rare deep sales. Support the vendors directly, it's cheaper for you and more profitable for them.
http://www.3dcontentdirectory.com and http://www.morphography.uk.vu/links_page.php are pretty exhaustive indexes of Poser compatible content and where to get it.
Keeping V4 modern:
V4's a decently sculpted figure if you remember to subdivide the shoulders (and the chest for nudes), but her body is a mess of JCMs and hidden magnets and even then the rigging isn't up to modern standards for certain extreme poses. Xameva makes a great Complete V4 fix product, but to remain compatible with the original specs (Poser 4 compatibility) it adds even MORE JCMS/magnets such that applying all of the fixes at once results in a figure that's bog slow to pose (even on a fairly powerful computer with a lot of RAM).

Sasha-16 is a (completely free) total rework of the rigging which replaces all the JCMS/magnets with Poser 10+ weight mapping, adds a rigged vagina and the same kinds of fixes that Xameva's product does. I think it also adds individually poseable toes. If you're familiar with RDNA's free V4WM, this is the same idea but exponentially more advanced and poses very fast because weight mapping is less computationally expensive.

A corresponding version for Michael 4 is in development. Currently there isn't a method for converting an existing V4 in a scene to Sasha but it's being looked into.
That's amazing. I adore folks what put in all this effort just to help their community for free, even if it's just weird Poser stuff.
Character shaders:
A lot of legacy content is designed for Poser 5's Firefly ray tracer engine, before Poser 9's subsurface scattering which highlights flaws in poorly set up mat settings.

The free EZSkin utility upgrades legacy character shaders for pretty much every figure ever made for Poser to play nice with Firefly's subsurface scattering, and more importantly can convert them to Superfly shaders. It can be click-and-go or let you tweak things as much as you need to.
v3 for Poser 11: https://www.cgbytes.com/store/sku/54044_EZSkin-3
v2 for Poser 10 and below: https://www.cgbytes.com/store/sku/54058_EZSkin-2

Of all the "must get" products this is in the top 5, costs nothing and can be used as a merchant resource (a huge number of modern character products use it).
Physically based renderers (Reality, Superfly):
I don't have a rig powerful enough for Octane so I won't comment except to say that Octane's results are exceptional if you can afford it and the video card(s) it requires. Reality and Superfly are powerful but like most PBRs have a learning curve when bringing products into them made for the Firefly ray tracer engine. Regardless of which PBR you choose to use, set your figures' skinning to Poser Unimesh if you don't want to see black cracks between body parts.

To its credit Reality does a good job of guessing what you're trying to do and substituting its own materials while letting you tweak the end result easily. What it lacks is the ability to easily add new prebuilt materials (e.g., its fabric prebuilts are good but limited). Because it uses Luxrender as its backend, you can easily set up multiple cheap slave render boxes to distribute the burden. Because OpenCL is severely broken in MacOS, Reality had to be refactored heavily to do CPU-only renders (it'll still let you use the GPU but there are no promises) but Paolo made CPU-based Reality faster as a result, almost comparable in speed to GPU.

Costs nothing and can also convert Firefly on-the-fly, but results are weak compared to SF-native or Cycles nodes. Older versions of Poser with SF convert SSS shaders very badly (black skin, glassed-over eyes) so it's advisable to check and if you don't like the results use a regular FF character shader instead. If you choose to go with Superfly this is indispensable: https://www.daz3d.com/vb-supershaders-for-poser11-superfly-bundle Distributed rendering isn't on par with Luxrender: Poser's own Queue Manager only lets you shunt a render to one other computer and Poser 11 is required to use Superfly in QM.

Both applications don't care what OS the slave render boxes are running so if you're a Mac user you can have some cheap PCs for your renderfarm.
Read any and all forum posts by Bagginsbill.

His encyclopedic knowledge of the physics of cameras and lighting led him to start work on a subsurface scattering shader for Firefly before Poser even had one. EZSkin couldn't have been written without him.

Accept that the default lighting in Poser is useless for more than test renders.

HDRI Haven just this month open sourced their entire HDRI library as Creative Commons content. You have no excuse whatsoever for not downloading the entire thing.
Morph development:
Zbrush costs $800. Zbrush Core which has all the same sculpting tools but doesn't support bridging (i.e., you'll manually import and export .OBJ files) or texture painting costs $150 and has an upgrade path to the full product.

Blender costs nothing but you will have to scale up the models a good 1000% or better beforehand because Poser uses 64-bit precision in its vectors and Blender's devs have gone on record that they view 64-bit precision as unnecessary so they refuse to implement it. The only reason Blender can even export .OBJ with preserved vertex order (i.e. usable morph targets) is because Reality's author coded that support into the Blender .OBJ plugin himself.

Poser's dev community is full of insanely dedicated hackers who have at times invented techniques now considered standard for development.
So this is the true power of 1998.
Kill yourselves pls
I bought a character for V4 thinking I could make it work in Daz but I can't because it was optimized for poser, and it doesn't port well. Is someone willing to make the model in poser for me and then export it as an fbx for maya, or as a morph for a Genesis figure? Im not really sure HOW this could be done but I think it's possible. I can give you the files.
OK so I assume you have V4 but the materials use advanced Firefly or even Superfly nodes in them, is that right?

Tell us what character it is and I can give you a better idea what your options are.
> optimized for poser
DAZ Studio's specification for Poser compatibility was originally based off of 2005's Poser 5 (minus dynamic hair/cloth), adding support for Poser 6's binary morphs. In the meantime Poser's added more modern Library formats like Materials but DAZ has refused to implement them and In the last couple of revisions, has actually started to remove support for some Poser formats it previously recognized. If your V4 character has binary morphs, DS can no longer import them.

The other thing that I didn't emphasize enough before is that DS itself requires V4 (and any necessary morph packs) to import a V4 character. It can't directly apply a V4 character to a Genesis figure. What it CAN do is take a character applied to an existing V4 figure in your scene and morph transfer it to a second Genesis figure.

The only way around having V4 is this commercial product: https://www.daz3d.com/genesis-generation-x2 which can transfer a V4 character directly to a Genesis figure (and with optional add-on plugins, to Genesis 2/Genesis 3 figures). Upside is being able to fine-tune how much of the character you apply to Genesis, and optional support for conversions of characters from even older figures like Generation 3 (which DS's morph transfer doesn't support). Downside is the developer's dead and there's no G8F support likely.

So again, let me know what character you're struggling with. The solutions you suggested are unnecessary and troublesome in the long run.
Hey guys, I'm looking to use Poser to manipulate models to use as references; I can draw alright, I don't need to trace or use filters to turn the models into line art, I still want to do that stuff myself.
How should I get started? Anyone got some good tutorials? I had a look on youtube but it all seems to be either making 3d comics or using filters to make the art for you.
I tried Luxrender but found it much slower than Iray or Superfly.
Also there hasn't been much development since 2016 or so.
I use DAZ Studio mainly and not much Poser but compared to V4 the Genesis figures are really bad resource hogs and it got worse with every version. If you have only 8 GB you can have various V4 with full textures, hair , clothing etc loaded but probably hit memory limits with 2 full Gen 3s. Same is true for Iray where even a single Gen3 takes up about 2-3 GB VRAM.

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