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You have 100k in savings and you're nearing 40. No kids, no wife, no debt, gov pleb job killing my soul.
What do you do to become a freelance artist starting from scratch?
lynda,udemy.digital tutors
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What inspires you? Rendering or games?
Modeling, surfacing, lighting, vfx? Choose a topic and focus on it. You don't wanna be the guy that can half-ass everything but can't do anything flawlessly.

Download free stuff online and work on it, just to practice. For instance, don't waste time modeling crappy stuff if you wanna learn texturing or lighting, it's a waste of time. You can also learn a lot from other people's files as long as their stuff is well done.

For tutorials, Digital Tutors is a good place to start, also Gnomon. Youtube has a lot of shit but can be useful as well, especially to get your head around beginners stuff.

Learn the right tools from the start. Maya or 3dsmax would be a must (you can get free educational licences), but it depends on what you wanna focus. Zbrush for sculpting is the standard. Substance for texturing game assets. Animation would be better with Maya. VFX with houdini and nuke.

Check Artstation, that's where things are happening these days. You'll find guidance there for sure.

Finally, good luck. It will take you a lot of time and patience to get remotely good. There's so much artistic and technical knowledge to get.
Make videogames
Use some savings for PC upgrades, advertisements, legal, a few assets like trees and some software
Commission out some work. Make sure you know exactly what you want out of the work, and that its spelled out precisely in your request, be it programming or modelling

Invest the 100K smartly.

Learn online like most of us on your own time. Make lewds of your 3d waifu.
Go all in into Bitcoin babyyy, they say it's all uphill from here
save the 100k and torrent everything you need.
I save my 100K, maybe put some of it into crypto after much research, and then sign up for cgpeers on the first.
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whatever you decide, do this:

>go live somewhere cheap and comfy
>close to a gym and healthy food (don't be/get fat)
>10-12 hours a day, everyday should be spent working on your craft (non-negotiable)
>set a deadline to show work (portfolio) and get your first client and/or job (shouldn't take more than 2 years)
>once you have the skills and portfolio, learn business and marketing.

you're in a good position so don't fuck it up by procrastinating any longer, it's go time.

also pick one reputable source and study the fuck out of it and don't be a hoarder, having 100340 courses on your drive won't help you.

now fuck off and do the work son

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