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Why does all my displacement maps look like this? C4D R15
you need a higher resolution.
1891x1140 resolution is pretty high
jesus...its not even a power of 2...
You need a higher poly count, displacement map deforms the model itself, it's not just an effect like normals or bumpmap.

I agree it's a bad practice, but does it really matter nowadays? For instance, Doom uses 3840x3840 textures.
If it does it's just for some full-screen effects when the game is running at 3840x2160 like jelly or vignette, otherwise it's strictly power of two up to 8k or reportedly 16k. Why would anyone need a 3840px square texture anyway, it's so arbitrary and alien.

The mega-texture system also splits everything in 128px squares for John Carmack reasons so it probably wouldn't hurt anything much to have a theoretical 3840px texture since it can be broken into 30 128px squares, and anything that doesn't such as a 3840x2160 texture would just have an empty border to fill the tiles.

If your engine isn't John Carmack approved or pad textures out to a power of two or power of two chunks there's a good chance it'll matter, and even if it does you're literally just wasting VRAM on empty space so just make a full 4k texture for fuck's sake.
Well, the tiles are 128x128, but 4 pixels on each side are shared within neighbouring tiles. So in reality, they're just 120x120. On lowest mipmap level, there's 32x32 tiles, so that's 3840x3840. They must have a reason to do it this way since the rest of the system is very well thought out. Carmack has nothing to do with this engine, by the way, they hired someone from Crytek iirc.
Megatextures were his baby back when he was still on board with RAGE unless they fundamentally changed the technology, the engine as a whole though I can't speak on.
Also yeah I didn't think about the 4 shared pixels, I mean they're still stored in VRAM in 128 chunks because power of 2 is important for quick and easy lookups on the hardware level, but I guess if they all have those 4 shared pixels then the actual textures probably weren't power of 2 then. That's wild.

I'd still say power of 2 matters though, if non power of 2 textures are implemented in a way that doesn't impact performance it'll be through padding it to be power of 2 on the VRAM and at that point it really is just wasting VRAM so just up the size to the nearest power of 2 and you waste less and get more to work with. Not so sure it needs to be a square power of 2.
>Not so sure it needs to be a square power of 2.
Probably not, considering even very old games like Doom, Quake and Morrowing had rectangular textures (eg. 64x128).

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