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File: problem.png (484 KB, 850x1021)
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Hey /3/!

I am having a little problem I am hoping one of you can help me with.

So I have thisGgameboy model in blender. Everything looks fine. I am trying to export it as a .OBJ with a .MTL for textures. Everything exports fine except for one thing. These textures that should be extending are tiling. All my settings in blender seem fine. The issue has to be somewhere during export, but I can't figure it out.

Pic related is whats going on. Any program I use to open the .OBJ is tiling the "Nintendo" and "Start Select" textures when they should be extended.

Do .OBJs / .MTLs just not support extended textures?

Thanks in advance to anyone who tries to help me.
chrck your uv map
File: problem 2.png (32 KB, 715x434)
32 KB
Seems right to me.

I have been using Cycles though and just last night kinda learned how to do this .OBJ stuff. Does the way I have the UV map only work in cycles?
File: paint02.png (36 KB, 747x416)
36 KB
i don't know UV enough to give you a pro answer, but know enough to tell you to take care when you take your vertices outside the texture that texture space, you gotta think of it like it's repeating infinite times like in pic.
that's how sometimes for floor tiles people might make the thing big, so it repeats a lot of times without making the texture look stretched. make that selection fit inside the box, and make a texture accordingly
Hmm alright. I think I will try cutting the faces and remapping accordingly.

File: paint03.png (41 KB, 713x434)
41 KB
or cut a face, and shrink what's marked in blue since it's not gonna look any different
what is actually happening here?>>584881

is this your texture, your model?
and place it inside of the green area
File: WTF.png (226 KB, 945x700)
226 KB
226 KB PNG
Yes, this is my model.

I went ahead and cut the faces and reassigned the left over bits to have the same Material / Texture as the rest of the body. This is mostly fine, but now I am have one last issue.

So everything looks fine in the windows preview and whatever the program built into Win10 is. It all looks as I want.

But now I am having one problem when viewing this in the program I need it to be viewed in. It's an Android App called "HD Model Viewer".
you can assign materials to specific faces. you don't even need to texture the whole thing. just click "assign" in the material tab.

i would only texture the screen and the front part of the model, for the rest you can make unified materials.

if your topology wasn't so bad, i would tell you to just unwrap it properly
why is the entire outer shell of the gameboy not just one whole texture?
That is fucking disaster holy shit

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