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What's New in 3D-Coat 4.8


Key Features:
- Possibility to attach Smart Materials to layers! Materials managing becomes even easier.
- Improved Curvature calculation. This is crucial for Smart Materials to be looking even more realistic.
- New Primitives in Retopo room: cylinder, torus, cube, ellipse, spiral, etc. We are getting closer and closer to a low-poly modeling!

- Possibility to change resolution of textures, attached materials will automatically be re-sampled!
- Smart Materials usage history.
- Render scene in Renderman. Yep, you heard it right!
- Proxy Slider. Set your proxy degree with an easy slider movement.

- Baking Scan. Paint baking depth with brush. Now you can define with an ease of a brush stroke how big the depth of scanning will be.
- 4K monitors support. Now UI elements and font size will automatically fit your screen resolution.
- Rotation mode quick switch - around Y or free rotation. See navigation panel.
Need both modes at hand? Now you have the quick swap.

More at https://3dcoat.com/v48/?utm_campaign=3dcoat-48-released&utm_source=sendpulse&utm_medium=email&spush=ZG9taW5pay5sZWJrb3dza2lAZ29vZ2xlbWFpbC5jb20=
But if it's new as they claim, how can it be rusty?
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Did they get rid of the no penises rule?

They never had a no penis rule. That's a meme.

It bakes a lot better than 4.7 and autopo seems to be good. I remember in v3 when sometimes they'd do an update and autopo would get completely borked.

What I'm eagerly awaiting is when they go live with Poly Fill in the retopo room. That'll be sweet.
Sorry to bump this thread from page 10, but I was wondering if anyone else had trouble with the program offsetting their pen. I use Clip Studio Paint often, and I know that I don't have an offset there, but when I loaded 3D-Coat it imposed an offset of a few hundred pixels. Anything I can do about that? I don't see any options for it in the menus and googling isn't getting me anything.
I use ugee hk1560
I get no offset unless I look at the screen from the side.

maybe your symmetry is wrong?
Curve tool sometimes goes crazy if you rotate view, and sym snapping is on.
If it's not that, and the program somehow offsets even your cursor, but it works fine in other software, then I don't know what that is.

write here if you figure it out

Does anyone have a trick to help me with >>586970

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