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What's the process for modelling clothes like this?
Is MarvelousDesigner overkill for this, vs just doing it in Maya/3D Max?
and I don't mean the texturing obviously
Use the 3d program you are familiar with. If you´re good with both programs I guess I can relate to your problem. Just flip a coin, thats it.
Seems like MD would be overkill for this, just detach some polys from the surface you want the clothes to be on, and extrude out from there.

Those are very low poly clothes with hand painted texture maps to give the illusion of detail. Marvelous Designer could be considered an overkill for making it if you were to buy Marvelous Designer just to make those type of clothing, but if you already have MD then there's no reason you couldn't use it to create that type of clothing.
>create base mesh
>use the base mesh to block out your clothing
>use modifiers to give your clothing a better fit to your character
Like everyone else said:
>make naked base mesh, ideally quads
>select areas I want to be covered, duplicate and separate from base mesh
>start fiddly diddly do-ing those polys into what I want
You didn't mention it but if you were interested in cloth simulation based clothing, that's a whole other thing that often has you make kinda unintuitive geometry that is then going to get contorted by the power of MATH into behaving like cloth

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