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>Use: CaptureReality and 3dsmax v-ray RT and adv. rendering only.

My base server rig (budget 15k to 20k):

>2-socket motherbord.
>2 AMD Epyc 7000, 32-core each
>Nvidia Quadro P6000
>Some kind of graphics accelerator loaded on Motherboard.
>Super-fast storage hooked up on PCI directly on motherboard.
>256 GB RAM

What do you think?
Should I replace the graphics accelerated P6000 with 3 NVidias 1080Tis?
I ll buy a second licence for capturerality.
Sorry I meant 4 Nvidias 1080Tis, not 3
Isnt most of that software CPU only

Capturereality is CPU AND GPU. They actually encourage you to have multiple GPU, or as they say, as many CUDA Cores as possible
Will it be able to capture the other half of the tree?
File: 1473485894550.jpg (41 KB, 508x524)
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>4 Nvidias 1080Tis

2049U-TR4 for motherboard with 4 AMD TR 1950X
6 Nvidias 1080xp (overclocked) RGB Razer edition.
1024 GB of RAM with 2048 GB M.2 for each cpu you'll use.
Make sure you purchase the AutoCool NitroOxide dispenser so your cpus wont thermal throttle when moving your mouse across the screen.

Seriously, have you ever made a render before in your life? how can you not know this?
You really have to keep up or you'll never be industry standard.
If I were dropping that level of cash on a render server, I think I'd be focusing on a certain type of compute, otherwise it's just a lot of money being thrown around aimlessly.
Even the 8-core Epyc has all 128 lanes and other features, so you could toss your GPUs onto that. Alternatively, if you really want CPU power, stick with the dual Epycs and toss in some cheap gpu just so that you have some video out.
This way you'll be able to budget for at least two or three nodes with a purpose instead of one that does a bit of everything.
Also you do not need Quadros for rendering, their features are mostly useful in a workstation. Instead go bang-for-buck, if you can populate twice as many nodes with a cheaper card, it'll work out better in the end, so it could even be 1070's, or if you wait a bit, Nvidia will be releasing the 1070 Ti soon.
The exception to this would be if your software isn't able to make optimal use of VRAM that's spread out over lots of cards, in which case you can get two GP100's that link together for 32GB of unified VRAM. This is extremely pricy though and I'd really suggest you dig around for how various render engines scale, I do know that Redshift can make use of low-VRAM cards, but VRayRT might not. In a situation like this I'd much rather just switch renderers than trying to bruteforce a solution with money.

Are you sure that 2049U-TR4 socket is compatible with 1950X?
If you read past the first line you'd realize he was being sarcastic.
Socket TR4 and SP3r2 are identical but the processors aren't compatible, there are no quad-socket Epyc systems anyway.
Not that using TR4 is a bad idea in itself, some motherboards like the Gigabyte ones support ECC, so it's no problem to build several 1950x boxes for distributed rendering. Due to the higher all-core turbo, two 1950x's will be faster than one 32-core Epyc and cheaper too.
Anyways, unless you're paying big licensing fees per-node, I would never recommend building a monolithic powerhouse system, having moderately-priced hardware en-masse is more sensible every time.

As this lad says, have you considered multiple Ryzen 1700 systems instead of dual Ebins?

Capturereality asks 7500 for license per PC, so breaking down the server to smaller stations is not an option.

Then go with the 2 epycs + as many GPUs as the motherboard can fit
Have you considered renting a compute server? I just went to the CR website and it says that you can apparently set it up on an Amazon EC2. You could rent a LOT of hours with the budget you have, just saying... probably finish a project you need without any major investments up front.

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