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Objectively, what makes Houdini better than Maya 2018? My guess is nothing, you are all shills. When I used it 6 months ago it was all just useless VOPS / SOPS / shit without meaning, just a big spaghetti mess. The meme ends now!
shoo shoo, shill
Just because you suck dick at using it doesn't mean it's not bad for someone else. Same goes for the stupid blender meme that gets posted here.
at least houdini conforms to industry standards. Cant say the same about blender, therefore blender is shit
Seems like you fell for the meme that blender isn't worth anything
its literally not worth ((((((anything))))))

delet this

Who gives a shit about industry standards except wage cucks who like getting treated like shit and fired from their companies for no reason?

I know how to use almost all 3d softwares out there and Blender is WAY better than Maya when it comes to poly modeling.I don't care if Blender is free, it's still a very good software for freelancers.
>Who gives a shit about industry standards except wage cucks who like getting treated like shit and fired from their companies for no reason?
projecting a little too hard, aren't we?

Absolutely not, I make more money as a Freelancer than I'd ever make as a wageslave.
>says someone with no benefits, no paid vacation, no office parties, no award shows
lol I know it's been used for more but there was a whole movie made with blender, it was also used in Warcraft and Lights Out. It's not the best program out there but damn man, every program that comes across this board holds it's own weight. It's ignorant and a dumb mindset to think one program is better than others. They ALL have their pro's and cons, and they ALL have a userbase. This is the one thing I hate about this board. It's fucking calm and easy most of the time but this blender meme is fucking stupid.
Houdini vs Maya 2018

Maya is Superior in

-Models & Assets
-Better Renderer
-Better Rigging System

Houdini is Superior in

-Procedural Workflow
-Micro-managing Details
-Simulations are still Better

Both are Good programs that function well in different aspects in the Industry. Utilizing both together is the key.
Warcraft was one of the worst movies I've ever seen. I blame blender
Blender was used in one single scene, on one character in the foreground, who wasn't even the focus on the scene and the scene lasted 3 seconds max.

Blaming Blender in this case is fucking bullshit.
>mentions office parties
>speaks of projections
I see you're no better...

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