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Are there any modern-ish games with active level design communities? Hard mode: games that aren't multiplayer only.
Want to start putting what I know about environment art to use but I can't think of any projects that don't involve making maps for ancient games or just making realtime showcase stuff that doesn't actually demonstrate any level design.
DOOM? It uses UE4.

Other than that, no. You'd have to look back to the Source engine or classic Quake/DOOM communities.
>DOOM? It uses UE4
1. uses Idtech6
2. only has the FPS equivalent of the Tony Hawk Skatepark Editor as a modding tool

I really hope that eventually there's a decent UE4 FPS to mod. Maybe Insurgency: Sandstorm will get a UE4 modkit.
Doom doesn't use UE4, it uses id Tech 6
With UE4 (And Unity) being so easy to use and free people don't make that shit anymore they just make full new games instead. Do that .
I know enough about UE4 that I'd be able to take a weekend off to whip up an absolute piece of shit to toss levels in, but it'd be an absolute piece of shit and I don't have enough interest in coding to make it anything other than an absolute piece of shit. I don't want to make levels for an absolute piece of shit.
what led you to think that?

i think unreal games still have modding communities with mappers. you can also look for open source clones of games like openarena and xonotic, plenty of community-powered games that need skilled 3D artists.
I'd rather be doing singleplayer, but if it's the only active scene around a modern engine UT4 is fine and the most obvious option. I've already mapped for classic games and the major thing I'm looking for is something that I can make modern assets for, so that I'm making shit with a purpose that isn't just "Well this'll look good in Marmoset when I'm done with it". Cuts out all the trouble of coming up with the next thing to model.
modern era started with half-life 2 so you could technically say that garry's mod is your best bet.
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After a lot of struggle with the tools, I've been making Quake 2 maps lately. The engine is really cool even to this day. The software render is unique and superb. The game mechanics can be customized with some C work.
But as I said, due mostly to bit rot of the tooling and editors, it's really hard to set up a development enviroment.
On the plus side it requires the shareware version of the game only and it's perfectly viable to make new games.
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I know this is more a /vr/ topic but while I'm here, this is Quake 1 with the new radiosity light tool.
Obviously I could make maps for Source games, they're only the biggest modding communities still around.
I'm talking "Modern" as in current, not as in some "gaming era" that /v/ made up. I'm looking for the closest thing I can get to a current-year AAA game engine so I can work with PBR workflow and stuff. All I can come up with to that end is Unreal Tournament 4. Maybe Squad.
>PBR workflow
You should have said it from the beginning that you're one of "those" guys.
Which guys? I've done modding old engines to death. Like I said, I want something I can apply absolutely all of my skills to, not just level design + ability to use photoshop.
I could get back into the Quake mapping scene using nothing but my dick to navigate the level editor if I was really worried about getting approval from, uh... Guys who don't like modern shaders? I'm not really sure what your beef is.
Simply that I don't like shaders and I suspect many people don't either. Perhaps you may want to focus on something else like game logic, particles, physics and other functional effects. Trying to compete with AAA developers on pure cosmetic shaders territory doesn't make much sense to me.
I'm not looking to compete with AAA developers just because I'm using a completely standard modern texturing method. All I'm really looking for is an outlet for the environment art I'm already practicing.
Total War games.
Modding is dead my friend, it's either old games or making your own game in UE4 now.

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