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Hello everyone. I need some troubleshooting help here.

Something like pic related happened to me while rendering an animation done with the Mery rig on Maya with Arnold (namely the eyes come out pure black) and i don´t seem to be able to figure out how to fix it.

I´ve tried changing the materials to AI shadders, i´ve tried to turn off primary visibility, i´ve tried to using different types of lights, i´ve tried increcing the ray tracing and even samples.
Also checked normals just in case...

Thought about erasing the materials or objects too but since the rig is referenced i think that´s a no-no... and as it´s not my rig tracking stuff down is becoming pretty irritating.

Am i missing something here?
jesus are you dumb

just look up glass shaders on youtube you fucking hypocrite

Why hypocrite? i did that already. Transmision samples and raytrace values are high enough, opaque is turned off too.

That´s why i am saying i don´t get what´s happening. It should be simple enough... and even in the renderview i see the eyes just fine... is just on the final render i don´t.

Am i missing something obvious besides of that?
have you tried inverting alpha?
Select the specular eye mesh (the one encasing the actual eye mesh).
In the arnold attributes uncheck Opaque.
This tells arnold it is see through.
Oh i just read your other post. Just check you turned opaque off in the mesh with the glass shader and not the actual eye one

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