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What are freeware alternatives to Substance Painter out there? I don't want to pirate it. I could afford licence, but I was wondering if I could just replace it with some competent freeware. Also, what do you use to texture your stuff?
I use Substance Painter. Just pirate it ffs. And if you want to work in the industry then especially learn how to use it. I also tried Quixel, but it turned out like this:
>used literally all the power of my PC and shut it down twice
>couldn't handle an object with 10+ groups
>creates dozens of tabs in Photoshop which ruin the performance
>shat itself and can't be opened anymore after 2 days
Enough Quixel for me, but I need those sweet materials which come with it, doe.
There is no freeware competent enough to be an alternative for SP. I use mainly SP, 3D Coat for hand-painting textures, Mari for the super-duper high resolution hero assets.
industry is a meme for noobs. I make more than I need on freelancing, I just want to reorganise my pipeline.
Isn't SP like $150 or something? It's one of the cheapest 3D packages out there and for the features it provides it's practically a steal.
3D coat is cheaper at $99, it does have more limits at that license, but it does more things too. $380 for the pro version isn't that much either.
If you're really strapped for cash just pirate it and make sure it's the first thing you buy if you do end up making money off of it, there's no excuse at this price range.
$2000+ a year? Yeah Autodesk can suck my dick, but this is different.
>what do you use to texture your stuff
open .obj in Photoshop
suddenly both a paintable mesh and UV overlaid texture planes at once

you already stole Photoshop so this should be easy
holy shit I did not know this
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why do you spread fake news?
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Are you not using CS6 Extended? I think all versions of CC have it as well.
Blender can paint materials like substance, but it is a pain in the ass to set up. Just get substance, it's incredibly cheap compared to others and has a lot more functionality with it's included generators.

How do you find SP compared to 3D Coat? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each. I have 3D Coat and I've been contemplating if SP would be worth the investment.
does this work with .obj blender files?
All OBJs should be the same format regardless of the exporter.

Your post is a little unclear so I'm gonna also mention that Photoshop won't open .blend files from Blender, only OBJ exports.

Pretty much this, also its on Steam packaged with SD, better yet you can add it to your wishlist and pick it up even cheaper when Steam does a software sale.
I couldn't find anything specifically about exporting .obj files from blender into photoshop. I saw a video for doing it in 3dsmax, and a bunch of videos about importing models into photoshop. But I didn't see any videos that specifically demonstrated exporting a model from Blender as an .obj, opening up the model in Photoshop with UV layouts from blender included, and then painting directly on the model using Photoshop and having that transfer into a seamless 2d texture that conforms to your UVs. i was wondering if you could do all that with the Blender .obj file. I've done .fbx imports to Unity from Blender and I know some information doesn't get saved (like I can't access Vertex Groups for example), so I didn't know if there were also limitations with Photoshop (I would test it myself, but then I'd have to pay money for a CC subscription)
just export an obj, file -> export -> obj, and then open it in photoshop. from there the process will be the same as any other video.

you'll have your UVs and should have multiple materials, you won't have multiple UVs and i don't think it supports custom normals.
ok thank you. i will likely try this at some point, b/c blender's texture paint lacks the nice features of photoshop, but using photoshop on exported uv layouts is also very annoying (and aggravating too to create tileable textures using that offset filter)
I saw a few years ago that there's an autodesk program called Mudbox that makes a relly good job with texture. Pretty heavy but i think it makes the crap pretty decent.

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