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Happy 14th Birthday, 4chan!

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What is the the 3D field where you have an easier time to find a job? My friends say its rigging, is it true?
If you try being the best at what you do instead of searching for an easy path, any field will be easy.
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>If you try being the best at what you do instead of searching for an easy path, any field will be easy.
Lemme reformulate: OP is trying to find a way to bring the world down to his level, while he should instead be bettering himself to get up to the world's level
Bitch, rigging is anything but easy. You need to know how to script and understand how animation works and preferably need to have at least some animation background so you actually know how to work with rigs. It's pretty varied.
I would say easiest thing to get in could be TechAnim or Layout. But they always have specific needs to be sure.
Anything that involves heavy programming.
Not op, do I have a chance if I model rig and animate my own characters? my scripting skilling is below rudimentary.
technical artist and ui/ux are nearly always in demand
if you do go the tech art route, it could be rigging at company y, shaders at company x and tools at company z, so be prepared to have to learn a whole lot of shit
You gotta be good at ONE of those things, no big studio hires a jack of all trades anymore, it's all specialized.
how about that guy.
>look up demo reel and linkedin
>self employed
I rest my case
There's no way the big studios will hire him?
I would put his skill on the level of a college student. He has dabbled in everything and shows some promise, but he's not currently good enough to get hired.

I'm referring to big studios btw, small studios are usually more willing to hire generalists.
when you said showing some promise, which aspect were you talking about?
the topology on his models is pretty good, and he gets the basics of animation. Can't comment on rigging because he doesn't actually show his rig controls. With enough practice and hard work he should be good enough to get hired either as a modeler or an animator.
Did some tuto on lynda.

Any other resources to get better at rigging? I want to work in rigging when I get out of college and my classes alone are not going to cut it.

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