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>tfw your 3 year student trial of maya expires tomorrow
time to download blender xD
>Being a licensecuck in the first place

Are you aware than the 3 year license only applies to your current version? You can download 2018 for another 3 years.
Is this intended to keep users in the newest version rather than nudge users into buying it?

I wonder if there really is much benefit to it.

Do they offer tech support to student licenses? If so I can imagine having to offer tech support to multiple versions must be annoying, especially if the people using old tech aren't even paying for the tech support.

Plus I guess they have a better chance of getting bug reports and get more user statistics from non-paying users and that data isn't without value, and they stay up to date with the software so they can easily transition over to a professional environment that pays for Maya and I figure studios what pay big bucks for licenses are where they get most of their income to begin with, not individual users that would either end up pirating or just not using it.

Pretty smart actually, even if it's annoying for people that don't like change.

Or am I totally wrong?
torrent it
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I don't want to learn a new workflow when I have an assignment due next week

Just use your current workflow, maya just adds instead of replaces.
>maya just adds instead of replaces.
oh thank fuck, that's what I was worried about
Torrent it like everyone else.
Got any recommended torrents, that don't contain malware?
>doesn’t contain malware
You can just download the latest service pack from Autodesk’s support site and torrent the XForce crack, I know at least the Mac versions are always the complete installer for service packs.
>in b4 le meme Mac workstation
My 8 core 32GB machine cost me ~$250 including the CPU upgrades

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