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Suggestions on software please.
Started with c4d. Moved to 3ds because from what I read its an industry standard.
>3ds max
>substance designer
>Vray rt (2 x vega 64, my cpu is shit)
Tell me where Im going wrong or where I can simplify please. I really dont care much for a bit of salt, light me up.
For job, concentrate on max.
For maximum productivity, use maya.
Don't touch any other program for at least a year.
Care to explain what you mean by for maximum productivity? What aspects of max do you suggest I focus on - Should I try ignore learning plugins and focus on pure max?
I'm just trying to get a feel for the whole market, I have only been playing around for a few months now.
Opinions and advice are very much appreciated.
Your selection of software isn't bad. Most of the time it doesn't even really matter, just focus on getting really good with one of them. Each program will have its quirks and limitations, so jumping back and forth when you could have simply learned your way around it, is going to get you nowhere. Keep on cramming tutorials related to your pick of software, especially lighting and texturing in VRay.
ZBrush is tough to learn and isn't immediately useful for archvis or hard surfaces, so I'd hold off on it until you have a better grasp on Max itself, and slowly integrate its use for detailing and retopology, and then maybe you'll even be making assets from scratch.

Not using plugins in Max is a bad idea, most of the time people specifically use it for the really awesome scripts and things you can get for it, but of course you also shouldn't go overboard. At least get the staple scripts like rapidTools, TexTools, straighten edge, crAlignPivotToSelection and extend borders.
If what you're going to be doing for the near future is straight modeling and rendering static scenes, Max is already the best program you can use for that purpose. For now try to get really good at using it and understanding various modeling and lighting concepts, and should you ever feel the need to transition to a different program, it won't be as daunting since all you'll really need to do is figure out the hotkeys.
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Thank you for the help. I have already taught myself the very basics of zbrush and do create my own assets most of the time ;) I'm not usually one for the whole archvis thing, but when inspiration hits, I cant ignore it.

Thanks for the advice on the scripts, I'm having a look at them now.
Unrelated, but how long does it take for someone with average dedication/time to reach the level of OP's picture?

And what software should one learn for that?
Not long, honestly a few weeks if you really commit yourself. There's nothing technically complex going on, the aesthetic is coming almost entirely from the colour palette.

As for software, 3ds Max/Maya/Blender/C4D/Modo can all do it. This would be easiest in Max, and if you're looking to do architectural stuff Max is the most used.
Thank you very much.

And what if I wanted to put in some human characters?
Is there a way I can do it easily without going too deep into modelling?
Like something I can just import and tell it what features I want (like a character creator in a videogame) and then choose the pose.

I found this program called Poser that seems nice, but I'm not sure if I can change the models I make after importing them into another software (so I would need to go back and forth between them to make slight changes).
Poser, Adobe Fuse, Makehuman etc. If it's archviz specifically, they use 3d scans of humans and dont bother with character creators.

As for changing them once you're in another software, do you mean remodeling them or stuff like posing them? You can't really modify the topology once you get stuff out of the character creators because it fucks up the UVs (needed for texture mapping), but if you want to rig them and pose them most of them come from those softwares rigged, or you can use an auto-rigger like Mixamo's online one.
I want to change the pose and facial expressions. Nothing else.
if you're making scenes, use maya.
if you're making games, use blender and port to ue4.
if you're doing particle sims, use houdini.
if you're making porn, use daz.
if you're making high poly sculpts, use zbrush.

substance designer for textures.

as for a renderer, depends on the look you want.
good choice of softwares!

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