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First post here :)

Hi looking for my next area to study. I am still a student, have 2 years worth of learning experience. I enjoy rigging and coding with Python/Pymel in Maya. I am able to create building generators, bridge generator and rig(and controls) generators. Where else should I learn and go from here?

Also related. Most demoreels I see online involves clean renders without UI. How do I create a demo reel to show my abilities to create a generator with its UI?

Sorry for the long post ><
Someone like you should just learn Houdini.

Demonstrate your generators in a way that makes sense. Just show them with UI.
Yep this. Most procedural/generative modeling is all done in Houdini now, you will be a lot more employable if you pick it up and it's not that difficult. You'll enjoy it more too, because it's made for this shit and is way more intuitive as a result.

Then once you're comfortable you can move onto doing dynamics stuff if you like, making setups and such for that is one of the most in-demand jobs in the industry.

Thx for the replies^^ Will check houdini out. But as far as my understanding goes, was houdini not a tool for simulation and effects?

Also, in terms of being hired. What is the job name that I should be looking out for? I understand people who do these stuffs are called Technical Directors/TD, but this doesn't seem like a role I can simply achieve right after graduation?
>But as far as my understanding goes, was houdini not a tool for simulation and effects?
It's expanding VERY rapidly, the programmers regularly rip out and replace whole chunks of its code when they feel like it, and at this point you could say that the only thing it can't really do as of yet are traditional modeling techniques. A simpler editing layer is the only thing keeping it from basically becoming the new Maya, but saying it's only good for VFX is a little old-fashioned.
That and much more.
I wish i could see your face the moment you realize what Houdini really is and can do.
Check out this dudes channel:

Job name would be some like 3D Tech artist, i guess?
Not so sure about that.
Is there an entry level job for 3D Tech Artist?
Job description you're looking for is Junior FX TD or Junior Houdini Artist as entry level jobs.

That would be quite far from the original post? I prefer to handle Rigging, Python and Procedural Modelling and not FX simulation.

Seems to be going in a different direction?

I understand being picky will not grant me a great job in the future. But as of now, Rigging and Python is pretty much my 2nd nature which I do even on my free time. I don't mind smaller studios but I want to move forward with this.
It's not necessarily just simulation, generators and prodedural modeling are part of those jobs too. If you want to do rigging and scripting specifically for rigging, then it's Rigger/Rigging TD.

Feel free to pursue and specialise in rigging but it will not lead to other areas, and it is a field specifically in and of itself. So when you ask 'where else should I learn and go from here', my recommendation of Houdini was more for the procedural side. If it's rigging you want to do just stick with Maya and get really good at it, but don't expect to do anything else if you get hired as a rigger.

hmm... I will pick up Houdini and see where it takes me for now. Still have a year and a half before graduation

Thx for the replies^^
Sounds like you'd want to look at character TD/Tools TD demoreels or Technical Artists that specialize in rigging, those generally show off UI and tools. You can try Houdini I guess but in the industry it's really still an FX tool.

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