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So how do you 3d animators feel about soon losing your jobs to this?

and this?


actually I want a serious discussion about the viability but I needed something triggering
people would lose their jobs already by now, so no
Same way I felt about neural network style transfers making artists irrelevant.

It's a really neat technology though, but rather than making people lose jobs they'll just end up as tools for them to get things done easier. Plus it's not like people will get laid off because now one person can do the job of two, probably not like that, since there's still plenty of work to do in general with animation and there's never going to be an absence of work to be done as long as there are projects.
Still in its infancy

The bodies are still quite rigid despite getting hit with heavy objects.
It's not going to replace animators. It will replace mocap.
>Plus it's not like people will get laid off because now one person can do the job of two,
This is EXACTLY what will and has happened in every industry where productivity increases.

>no, automation will lessen the burden for all! now the owners can make twice as much at the same price they were paying before!
But they never do. They just hire half as many workers to make the same amount as more, or less, because all the other Owners are doing the same. That causes money to leave the middle and lower class workers, which means there's no incentive to increase the amount of products being produced.
The only way this cycle can be broken is by a complete collapse of the system as a result of revolution or catastrophic global calamity (world war 3, near extinction level event asteroid impact, etc)
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It can't even replace mocap. There are already animations for every mechanic action for humans and animals out there. AI can't animate characters with emotion, weight, meaning... AI can't do shit.
How is this going to replace animators, the movements are so stiff and conveys no personality or style whatsoever
If your animation is worse than this you deserve to be fired
>AI can't animate characters with emotion
...are you saying us autists can?
you never ever will see repeating animation cycles again, also it's a fraction of production cost of mocap.

you should watch the second vid ;) >>583758

agreed, I missphrased my OP.
Why only throw boxes at thick boi?
> You will never see repeating animation cycles again

Do you realize that this software (particularly the Google one using ML) requires at a minimum a separate GPU to perform the calculations? These videos aren't screen captures of Unreal Engine, the movements are simulated on powerful workstations or even GPU servers and then the results are rendered out for a presentation video.

It's like saying we won't have looping video game FX because Houdini exists.
Call me back when this program can animate
>Shooting a gun
>Choreographed karate
It's neat but all it's ever shown to do is "l-look, it can learn how to walk!"
Well OBVIOUSLY this thing can't compete with professional animators. YET. But in the future, it may very well completely replace them.

You guys, of course, don't care about future generations and only care for your own ass so you don't give a fuck about this because it probably won't happen in your lifetime. But who the fuck knows what could happen with animation and other art in general once when AI improvs a ton. I can already see it with so much generators I'm using for my 3D projects, but I "artistically direct them" so it's somehow still very creative and hard to do. Yeah right. I'm talking about things like World Machine, Speedtree, Houdini's city generators, Substance package etc. They make so many thing so trivial to do.
Programmers have no souls. Animation is life, realism fags can't take that away from us.
I may end up eating my words but I honestly don't see this replacing animators except in specific scenarios. In the same way motion capture is always going to need some kind of clean up this will probably just be another tool for animators to start with.
The most applicable I could see this software I can imagine would be crowd simulators that also creates the creatures you use? Or maybe some really cool video game tech, but no I'm in no way concerned about my future.

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