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Are AutoCAD boolean operations "true" 3D features? And to extend this further, how you ever found boolean in 3dsmax useful. I mean do you use it and then re-topo or something?
Noob here.
Is there some quick guide that tells me about what you just wrote?
What's the difference between the two types of 3D?

topological differences. Boolean operations produce a topological mess. I am wondering how people find them useful, except from cases like pic related in my OP.
Maybe they ARE useful and I don't know it. I am just wondering.
one is done procedurally, meaning that an algorithm will determine the best topology for the boolean cuts you are making, as opposed to box modeling where you are in control of your topology and how many verts you use. there is also the way zbrush uses 2.5d that i don't understand well enough but, its still algorithm based
So in the right window in the OP's pic, you just draw the three 2D images of it and the program "guesses" how the 3D version of it should be and generates the bottom left one?
no, those images are orthographic projections of the cad model that is already done, op modeled the part first and just rendered the outline in orthographic views with dimensions, as far as i know there is no software that will generate a model from 3 or 4 images... but if you throw in hundreds of images then you are doing photogrammetry

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