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Absolutely based fucking site, There is tons of shit for literally every program and many of them are courses that go for like $99+. For free. You can get even obscure shit(for most hobbyst) for programs like 3Dequalizer or Vue, maybe i sound like a shill but holy fuck this is good
Thanks OP for your based website. I quadrupled my workflow output by 500x times right after signing up. That's how great that website is.

Also, remember to also buy based Autodesk® products and licenses, because Blender is shit and free software is literally Communism.

also not a shill btw
My results were 50/50. YMMV
You dont have to sign up tho
I hope you guys plan to pay for all the pirated software and courses once you're big time Hollywood stars, snorting cock and bruising hoes.
>big time Hollywood stars
I wish, but I realized I can't get famous as a pleb 3D artist. :/
No, if you work you never pay for your tools, the studio does.

Piracy is the only way to even learn these tools for most people. Do you think all these Chinese and Indian slave modellers use licensed software?

The developers don't even give a shit. They know very well that everyone is pirating their stuff. They only care about the licenses from big studios, because that's where they make the big money. In a sense, piracy is good for them because the newly aspiring artists will some day work in the industry and thus generate more big license money for them.

So go and Jack Sparrow that shit!

What's even worse is that if you do license the software, and then later stop paying for the upgrades, they'll give you shit if do something using Blender, and it looks too much like this-or-that new feature you didn't pay for.

I've had that happen.

In hindsight, I would have been better off if I just kept pirating.
>The developers don't even give a shit.
Uh-huh, that's why shit like Octane and X-Fagticles is uncracked.
As someone in the industry who has worked at all major studios and is hoping for a VES nomination with the movie I'm currently on, I'd tell you you don't even need tutorials. The only thing you learn from those are programs. The UI. But you don't learn how to actually make a good model, texture etc. My advice is do it. Do it, it, do it. Over and over again. I pretty much spent my whole spare time doing this stuff for maybe 6-7 years. If you guys really want to get into this industry you need to work your ass off to git gud.

As for what the studios pay, there actually isn't that much. At ILM we had access to all gnomon tutorials but never had anything like that at other stuidos. And at some point those don't really teach you much anymore anyway. What's much much more interesting at the studios is the internal ressources. Company specific tutorials, how to set up a light rig, how to approach a digital double, etc. That's much more useful.
Also interesting is the access to ressources like body scans, texture libraries etc.

So don't obsess too much about tutorials.earning by doing is my advice. In the end you need to understand it, not just copy a certain approach you saw somewhere.

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