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Never, ever, EVER, use RebusFarm.

Holy fucking shit I have had the most difficult, stressful and unproductive week of work ever and it is 100% down to the fucking assholes at this company.

Needed to vent anonymously.

Also: rant thread.
Yeah I've heard plenty of horror stories from Rebus, someone I know had like a +%40 increase of cost vs the calculator.

My rant is that /3/ is needlessly toxic with very little in the way of actionable critique. I've learned over the years to filter out the 4chan bullshit in posts but it's still not helpful to everyone who comes here. Pretty much everyone half decent gets trolled off the board and it's no wonder it's so dead compared to how many people are actually into 3d. It really seems like a crab bucket thing and that this is where all the bitter rejects who couldn't get into the industry congregate. There are plenty of optimistic noobs and a few quality posters but it feels like the others just come to take it out on people their own personal shortcomings. The quality of /3/ could be incredible without that sort of shit, it's really sad to see it this way.
gonna need some more details here
I've typed up details twice but if anyone at that place looks at this board (this place is generally full of disgusting porn and racism, and they're German, so... y'know) they'll know instantly who I am and I don't wanna get on those terms with anyone.

Let's just say: extremely poor customer service, and one service technician never seems to know what the fuck the other guy has just done so you'll have someone completely fuck up what the previous guy put right. It's also frankly amazing how little they actually seem to be able to do and see of your job. They seem to be operating in the dark.
Also their softwares are fucking FULL of bugs. Just packed with 'em. And the whole idea of their farm being this amazingly robust fortress of RAM and CPU power is seemingly bogus. It fucks up ALL THE TIME.

Also - there are different classes of user which you as a customer know nothing about and cannot select until your job crashes over, and over again and they decide to increase your RAM allocation from the default 64gb to 128.

Yup - you don't just get access to the whole farm, you're given the bare minimum resources they can get away with till it becomes evident you need more. Your jobs, for example, will always start out on old-style HDD storage, not SSD, until they decide you deserve the fast data access.

TL:DR; RebusFarm is NOT the magic-bullet solution they make themselves out to be. At all.
>>The quality of /3/ could be incredible without that sort of shit, it's really sad to see it this way.

Dude, you're pissing in the wind.

The gift and curse of both /3/ and the wider 4chan bullshit-sphere is the anonymity.

I work at a place doing stuff you might have heard of. I come on here to talk shit because in all the industry forums I have no anonymity, all my colleagues see exactly what I post and so I have to be super-polite and professional the whole time.

On here I can make dick jokes on a Friday afternoon while killing time, and laugh at the awful bullshit that the kids post. But I contribute real stuff too. Sometimes.

The racist shit and porn though... yeah I could definitely do with less of that. But that's what comes with anonymity.

Anyway... dick jokes:

Q.What's the worst thing you can possibly hear while giving Willie Nelson a blowjob?

A."You know I'm not Willie Nelson, right?"
>my colleagues see exactly what I post and so I have to be super-polite and professional the whole time.

that's what you decided you should do, it got nothing to do with your colleagues.
and yes, i do understand that most people,especially coworkers are heavy people with no sense of humor. but at some point i think i would be too tired of walking on eggshells. this is the gripes of being an adult and has nothing to do with forums
>who couldn't get into the industry congregate.
they don't understand how its like to be qualified for the industry and there are factors beyond skill and software (location,networking,etc)
i even have industry people liking my work, and i don't work in the industry, so its not end all be all. people need to chill the fuck out
>not using AWS

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