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Alright... Probably everyone will hate me and tell me Im being a cheapskate, yes I know.

But I need a 3D model for 3d printing, 32mm high in a budget (about 100€, could be negotiable).

It's just a model of the art I've posted for Shapeways "Transparent Acrylic" or "High Def Acrylate".

If anyone is interested leave an E-Mail and your quote, also I would need some evidence of what you're capable of and a secure way to make the deal.

That's it, I know it's quite a lot to ask for, but hey, I have to try.
Also would provide some more images of the original character but I want it in the style of the fanart. Also yes, Im talking of a wargame miniature, a painter's miniature if anyone has doubts.
U think just Sculpt will be enough?I have never printed anything, does it nees Retopoing and UVs?

and how much time do you have?
Time is irrelevant. Sculpt? Should be, Im not sure but I think just sculpting it is ok, the thing is can you repose it then?
https://i.materialise.com/blog/preparing-files-for-3d-printing/ i found this if it's helpful, also the guidelines from Shapeways:


And this is the material guidelines:

Gam3_B0y is my insta. Contact me there
I've sent you a PM

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