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Hey /3/.

I have a chance to show a few minutes pilot to one of the major network heads due to dad's connection.

I've developed a method to create easy and attractive looking 3d models and fasten animation process. Which is a good selling point.

But I what I don't have is a pilot idea.

Could somebody give me a good idea for a pilot episode.

I was thinking of making it a children's medieval type of show. Where the main character finds a magical item that grants him infinite power but only works when he really needs it. He is also accompanied by friends and they adventure and stuff.
Kinda like Wakfu or something.
>Children's medieval
>magical item
>infinite power
fucking boring shit
>only works when he really needs it
convenient shit
>accompanied by

This is so bad it pisses me off.
why the fuck are you pitching a pilot if you don't even have any ideas? the fuck is wrong with you? don't waste their time. if you just want to be an animator or character modeller then apply for a position doing that at some company
You're just an idea guy

Show us this 'method to create easy and attractive looking 3d models and fasten animation process' and then we'll talk
but then they don't need him

but they also won't want him for bad tv show ideas neither so the tech's as good as gone

yeah op share the information so it doesn't just die, but like make a github page on it or something so you can attach your name to the process
they've already got production nailed senpai, if you can't write worth a shit you're fucked. I can write worth a shit, hook me up.

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