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Who here /ipt/ too?

This thread is for +125 IQ Autodesk Inventor wizards ONLY.
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Who here actually uses the stress analysis tool? Bonus points if you do it yourself for fun and not for work. I at most use the center of gravity tool if I am making an asymmetrical physical 3D printed object. Tell me what I'm missing out on
I use inventor on occasion. I mostly used it to design aquaponic and 3d printer designs. I also used the FEM module to test the 3d printer forces before I created my BOM and assembly.

These days I haven't needed it for anything so I do that have any recent work to show.
What the hell kind of design job do you work at that actually uses Inventor? I'm having to go to college just to get my Solidworks, AutoCAD, and Revit shit just cause Inventor was the only cert I have. Also, relating to AutoCAD, what test program did you take it on? The I attempted it on was an absolute shit show.
Wait I thought Inventor was the Frank Sinatra of Autocad design. Is Solidworks better to know? I haven't taken any tests. I am self taught. I want to be a certified Inventor Professional but certiport doesn't have any locations in my city. Is it really that bad. How should one prepare for it?

Same anon who posted >>582646

Around here, the only actual fields that even work with 3D drsign always tend to lean on SolidWorks as far as I can tell. I wish people here worked with inventor more because, yeah. It IS the Frank Sinatra of most CAD programs. But as I've been searching around, that doesn't seem to be the case. If you're gonna take a cert, I absolutely recommend you get your SolidWorks one first if you haven't taken it. For some reason, whether it be cheaper or for other reasons, it seems to be the main program that most mechanical engineering firms tend to work with. At least, that's specifically
around here. I have no idea what other ones work with outside of where I'm from. Also, branching to design in general, that Certiport test for AutoCAD is fucking terrible. But, if you haven't taken it, TAKE IT AS SOON AS YOU CAN. Getting the basics of CAD down looks really nice on your resume as it shows you have, at the very least, a firm foundation of 2D/Orthographics and some 3D design. It will go a long way in case you never get the opportunity to work with Inventor. IF AT ANY TIME YOU GET THE VHANCE TO GET CERTIFICATIONS, TAKE THOSE OPPORTUNITIES. I regret not taking them more often cause now I'm stuck paying student loans just so I can get an Associates in Design and I already know all of this stuff.
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Omg thank you so much I will take this advice for sure.

Just one more question. How the fuck does free form modeling work? I still can't wrap my head around it. I believe there are two kinds of people who use Inventor: those who admit they don't know how FFM works and those who say they do but actually also have no idea.
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>tfw 124 IQ
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I genuinely have no idea. Sorry I can't help you. But, if it makes you feel better, I doubt most people know how to use it, and use it well for that matter. Good luck in your endeavors friend.
Inventor is Solidworks-tier, that is - poorfag-tier BUT you actually pay more for it than for newer poorfag CADs and are jewed out on new annual subscription model.

If you work for serious companies, there's NX, Catia and Creo/ProEngineer, you can add Solid Edge for big assemblies if you want.

>stress analysis tools

Absolute garbage in practically every CAD and not worth doing for small stuff, for serious things dedicated solvers are the only solution (LS Dyna, ANSYS, ABAQUS, Autoform...).
Well-above average?

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