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File: 3ds max grande help.png (251 KB, 1915x1038)
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Hey guys, need some 3ds max help here. Been following tutorial on grenade modeling and I deleted one face by accident. Is there a quick way to connect it without destroying a poly?
bridge it, you will probably want to add some edge loops to the top part first tho.
Bridge the two outermost edges, cap the remainder and delete the extra inner edge. Another option is going into poly mode, selecting create, and drawing a new polygon manually by selecting which verts you want it to connect between.

Not strictly needed since he's following ChamferZone's tutorial/method, this is not a subdivision surface so n-gons don't matter.
>muh eggloops

You could also select all the naked edges on the round part, extrude new faces by holding shift and dragging them out, then align the new verts on an axis and snap them to the straight part, then delete all the edges you don't need.
i would deselect the single right edge on the right side and bridge the remaining 10 edges and delete all edges in the new face to create an ngon then i would adjust topology via cut and slice etc
File: 1382543331737.gif (216 KB, 104x125)
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>Hey, I'm going to teach you proper modeling
>Let's start with this cool grenade model, shall we?
>Now, let's add a fucking gorillagon in there.
>Good job, now you're ready for work in the industry!
>adding extra loops for no reason
It's a waste of time, requires extra interaction to change things around, does not change the end result, and you'll have to delete all the extra geometry before you export to the game engine anyway. Not that poly counts are such a bottleneck these days, but if you keep adding an extra 20% vert count to each of your meshes just to keep them all quads.
File: grenade.png (213 KB, 1854x1033)
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I used ur method, thanks guys

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