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Does anyone know where I can download anime models besides converting mmd files to obj etc.?
mmmm you can go on sketchfab and set it to show entries with downloads, you can look up anime games on models-resource, there's sfmlab with some anime but converting packed sfm resoruces to smd models is such a hassle, there's deviantart which will have xnalara / xps format models too organized in big groups and they're usually tagged with xnalara or xps

why are you converting to obj anyway? if you're doing it so you can use it in blender or something there's an addon for blender that'll let you import mmd with rigging, same with smd and xnalara / xps. i think mmd's addon was called mmd_tools. you'll find it with a google, it should all be popular enough to come up easily.
yobi, t3dm, sketchfab, deviantart ( Resources & Stock Images -> 3D Models, and / or search for #xnalara, #xps), the models resource, blendswap
[spoiler]came here to say some of this.[/spoiler]

Lots of anime game rips here.


The Hyperdimension Neptunia ones are really nice.

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