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Do i need this thing if i like to work on vfx (Clean plating,matte painting simulations cgi composition etc.)? For now i haven't had one situation where Mari was necessary but i saw some people say its a must, how good would substance painter be instead?
Try them both out, maybe 3D coat as well. Since you're a beginner, you're at the point where all of these programs are going to be better than your ability to take advantage of their specifics, so your comfort level with using one of them along with your other tools is more important. You can always learn software specifics later as you need to, but the concepts behind any 3D paint program are going to be the same. This goes for any 3D program in general.
Oh, and as whether you really need something like this for VFX depends on if you can find a creative use for it. Being able to quickly generate materials and paint on 3D objects will always come in handy and simplifies things for you if you do need a quick texture job on something. I learned how to use Substance Painter basically over a weekend so it's not a deep investment either way.
substance does not support uv sets

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