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So I need help on this material in Blender
The actually material I've made for the project is a jumbled mess so I've simplified it in the image

Basically I'm masking material A with material B, but Material B has a Displacement that goes into the Material Output node, and thus Material B's displacement is not being masked and displacing the entire mesh. So I'm trying to find a way to mask the Displacement.or the like.

tltr trying to mask materials and one of them is displacing the whole damned mesh
use mapping node and connect it to texture coordinate node -> generated

then at the mapping node change the rotations until you get the projection you want
File: jcfhg.png (79 KB, 813x531)
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I usually just unwrap apposed to projection. usually gets better results

Anyway I believe to have found a solution. The Add math shader would have normally gone into the Displacement
image texture node needs to be set to "non-color".

if you want the displacement but don't want the displacement on the letters (at least that's what i'm gathering from your post) then you need to use your mask image as the input on the "factor" of the colorramp node.

if you're asking something else i don't understand what it is.

but trying to combine two materials on top of each other doesn't work how you have it laid out, one will just override the other with displacement.

also, you should use the displacement modifier after you subdivide the shit out of that cube.
works better.

displacement on the material output just fakes it like a bad normal map.
Nice dubs
"trying to combine two materials on top of each other doesn't work how you have it laid out, one will just override the other with displacement." this is exactly what I'm talking abut.
Anyway this was just an example. The example material is amazing shit tier
I always forget to set the images texture to Non-color and the Colorramp factor is something I over looked

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