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File: Tim-Cook-3.jpg (76 KB, 950x534)
76 KB
Apple doesn't give a single fuck about VR, they only care about AR. Does this worry you, /3/?
who cares what apple does
literally every tech company follows in their footsteps, so pretty much 100% of people care what they do

Woah so this is the power of /3/
why does this bother you so much? 3D work is 3D work
They only care about ar because it's the only thing they can fit in their jewphone.
VR is a vomit / headache inducing awkward gimmick like 3D glasses.

AR is actually helpful and can be used today. No wonder Apple chose it.
>every tech company
Every hipster with no future does. Apple sells the same phone to the same retard demographic over and over again with ridiculously tiny modifications and its not leading shit in the technology world.

HTC is leading the future of VR with Oculus in the second place. And HTC Vive is pretty much awesome if you want to experience latest technology VR.
jesus. Apple continuously sets the pace of tech dev. EVERYONE follows them. They are years ahead in tech, software, vision and leadership.

IF and I mean IF VR had any hope, there would have been some mention, but no, all the chips are on AR. And for good reason...
>They are years ahead in tech, software, vision and leadership.
Are you kidding? Did you not see that the new iPhone is just a frankenstein of things other companies have implemented better in the past 4 years?
delet this
Any word on when are they planning to release the other half of the tree?
VR is not coming, its a dead "limb" or "branch" if you will
Apple died when Steve Jobs did
File: Capture.jpg (37 KB, 664x486)
37 KB
wrong again kiddo. They are more alive than ever. R I C H
Is the other half of your "photogrammetry" tree coming or not?
File: 1485234345617.jpg (34 KB, 480x522)
34 KB
>caring about VR
>caring about AR
>caring about Apple
who gives a shit really
if there's a use for one or the other, things will happen - if not, it will die as the techno fad it always was or keep being as small as it is now
File: laugh face.jpg (22 KB, 317x267)
22 KB
> Apple continuously sets the pace of tech dev.
> EVERYONE follows them
> They are years ahead in tech, software, vision and leadership
Can't tell if it's a desperate apple shill or its just a shitty bait lmao.

Apple is a joke and it's a laughing stock in the industry.

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