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I just switched from the 3d draft and design program mine imator to Blender on steam. I wanted to start with Blender because I have previous experince with 3d programs and I wanted something even more advanced. But I can't seem to find the "insert Steve button". I thought making character modles in Blender would be easy but this is just garbage... Help?
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You're right. Blender is garbage.
File: monkeybase.png (21 KB, 251x240)
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Try the "Insert Susanne" button

Blender is great and it's modeling tools are way better than Maya's modeling tools. And this comes from a Maya user. It's the blender fanbase that suck, it has the worst fanbase along Linux, Reaper and Sonic.
>another "blender is great" fag
>another "blender sucks but I don't know why" fag.
B-b-but m-muh industry standards
Nobody needs a particularly detailed reason to not like garbage like Blender.

I knew it. You don't have any arguments to back up your claims. You're just an idiot who has nothing more to do than spending his time shitting on a software he hates, for a reason he doesn't even know, on some imageboard. What a sad fuck.

Come on, show us something impressive you made with your superior software.
choose one
how come you never get mentally exhausted from so much shitposting?
i don't know how a shitposter psyche works but there are better places to shitpost (if i were a shitposter, and im not)
The fact that Blender is garbage is evident to anybody who hasn't been indoctrinated by the Blender Foundation. I'm sorry you've been given false promises but that's not a good reason to encourage other to do the same.
this meme exhausted its comedic value
even if you are doing this for the sake of trolling, its just not working anymore.
industry or not, one thing is for sure that you will never be a comedian
>still using 2009 /v/ memes
choose life

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