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Alright, so I am the owner of a little indie game-studio (developing exclusively on the Unity-platform).

I will not name it publically (because of bad-rep of 4chan, I guess you know the deal).

I would actually just like to ask if this board is any good for recruting people. We would be searching for people who are in the advanced learning phase, so those who are not able yet to be employed anywhere but still have decent skills, because we have a big focus on helping people get better and really growing with the studio. So this board seems pretty much perfectly fit for that base.

And yes, we are paying.
>I will not name it publically
because it doesn't exist

Could the mods please permanently ban this "recruitment" guy and the "photogrammetry" guy as well? They pop up like herpes and have nothing to offer.
Could you please just answer my question? I just want to know if this board here is suited for recruiting this type of people for now.

I want a honest answer, but I guess that means no.
>I want a honest answer, but I guess that means no.

Give us more information then. I don't need to chase down some no-name indie studio for some "maybe" job prospect.
I want a general answer. This is not a recruitment thread, you need to understand this. No-one will get hired in this thread, we cannot even afford that yet.

But if you really want to know, just to get some details:

We are actually doing only 2D adult-games right now and are starting to shift our focus to 3D. We are currently setting up the basics and learning about 3D-development so we will be able to start working immediatly the moment we hire an actual 3D-guy who can supply good models and give some animation advice, so he would not be just sitting around contemplating his decision for the first few weeks before he can actually do anything.

So right now is the phase of looking around for good places to look for exactly the people we are seeking who we can actually afford.

In about two months time would then be the actual recruitment thread if we think this is the best place to do it.
You wouldn't want to recruit here, most people here are just low life basement dwelllers that just want to make money from 3D porn
File: 1504415629688.jpg (214 KB, 345x336)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
>wants to keep secrecy because 4chan
>actually doing only 2D adult-games right now, starting to shift our focus to 3D
>currently setting up the basics and learning about 3D
>actual recruitment thread if we think this is the best place to do it

two things:
>mfw you think you'll make it in 3D porn without zero knowledge prior regarding 3D animation/production (you seem fucking clueless and the amount of work/skills required will blow your fucking mind when you're more educated in the far -far- future)
>mfw you think you'll actually hire for your company on /3/

holy fuck these morons do exist
I would be interested if you would accept an art test instead of a portfolio.
Yeah, we will not be strict at all regarding the ways to look if people fit into our scope. You could just post a single render even and prove that it is yours and that could be enough.
the plot thickens
i can read the future in post #
i can see it clearly now
terrible work experience confirmed
>someone offers you a job
>you get defensive and insecure

well played /3/

as to OP's question. don't recruit here. iv complied a list of places you can go to for recruiting

Thanks a lot, that looks really helpful.

I downloaded it and will go over it later
>someone offers you a job
>its actually a 2D porn startup trying to switch to 3D without any experience

who the fuck would even call that a job
Everybody has to start somewhere friend

Shake off the dream of working for a huge studio.

Those early-day jobs while risky could be very good opportunites to land jobs which will end up paying quite decent once you are over the mountain.
Not clueless, while I personally am (I have to admit that) clueless about 3D we have a member who already put out some nice 3D games (adult and normal ones), although with absolute garbage-quality models.

He was also the one who lead to the idea of switching to 3D.
File: evenbetter.jpg (448 KB, 1000x974)
448 KB
448 KB JPG
good luck to anyone involved
I'm >>581875

Let us know where will you be posting about the opportunity, if not here. Or you could provide a temp e-mail. Any idea on when will you look for artists?
File: ma.png (2 KB, 227x40)
2 KB

Not a bad idea.

But lacking a non company-reIated spam address I could give you my personal spam-mail address instead.

Here, pic related in shitty font
Also, I think we will be starting to look for one on about November
The single best place to recruit artists is Artstation. It costs 375$ to post 1 job for 45 days tho.

I received about 10 applications within a week of posting a job there. Applicants are from all over the world and almost all of them are at a level I would consider hiring for indie work.

BUT I doubt any serious aspiring artist would want to do 3D porn.
And some word of advice from someone with a 3D start up:
Be careful with the 'we totally will be doing X, we absolutely want to do Y'.
It's not very professional, you should walk the walk before talking the talk.
It sounds like you don't know much about 3D, but even as the boss (aka the idea guy) you should have a basic understanding of what you want, need and what you are asking your artists to do. Otherwise it will be a very frustrating experience for everyone.
You can also try asking on /g/.
I will do the logo
Well-meme'd friendo
>I will not name it publically because of the bad rep of 4chan

Holy shit have some pride in what you do, man. If I ever achieve my dream of owning an animation company, I won't give a shit if 4chan knows. Fuck, all the opinions are a pretty good thing if you ask me. If what you make is good, 4chan will like you. If you come to 4chan asking for advice on how to better yourself and your "company," 4chan will give you some advise midst all the kill yourself posts.
M8, just to let you know, we here have a horrible rep.
If I ever had an animation company I would NEVER show my public face on 4chan
because I would fear backlash from my consumer-base.

Not because of the "kill yourself" posts, because of the "this company is connected to 4chan, fuck them" comments and reviews.
At that point, you sort of have to Omnipander to many platforms at the same time, including whoring yourself out to the ever-vocal tumblr and probably Reddit.
This thread makes me think. I've doodling in Maya (love maya), substance, mudbox, made a simple game in unity once. Should I actually try and finish something, make a portfolio out of it? My OCD gets the the way, but i remember totally finishing 2 projects while working with actual people making music and sound; it's just maybe when I'm alone I can't really see stuff through..

Inb4: nice blog faggot
Just fuck off, I think this guy is searching for you.
Get rid of him then
Hey I'm shit at everything I do, can I have a job please

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