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File: Ljkn6Xd.jpg (44 KB, 984x737)
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I'm not an artist of any kind, but I thought some of you might have some discussion to share about the Mind's Eye series from the 90s.

I used to see these shorts on YTV in Canada as a child between shows. They introduced me to surrealism, and I have extremely vivid memoreis of watching them. Many I actually thought were dreams I had, but it turns out they were actual childhood memories I had of creepy early 90s CGI. Rewatching these as an adult was a crazy experience.

Cool stuff.


I'm going to smoke a bowl and watch this.

no problem my dude
Pretty much the exact reason I enjoyed Xavier Renegade Angel. Noice.

You forgot my favourite. Gate To The Mind's eye, with music by Thomas Dolby.

I loved these as a child. Really got me interested in CGI. Of course I only had an Amiga but dreamed of SGI machines. But most of these seem to predate even SGI. So what did they use? Symbolics?

this song has been stuck in my head for over 20 years.


I just grew a mullet watching these.

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