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File: KEQsZlJ2.jpg (32 KB, 512x512)
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Is he right?

>this discussion on THE neet board.

oh boy, here we go
Seems like a good argument for picking up Maya over Blender. Shame the irony is lost on him.
yeah he was right. And it's a nice wake up call to those just starting or to those who are blind to the points he made.
He's right, the comment section is funny though. It misses the point that people who are willing to pay for courses tend to be more dedicated and willing to put in work than those who just click on a free youtube video. I think that's the key here, not necessarily the money or stuff taught.
Oh the irony - the video
Also different strokes for different folks,something he has yet to learn.
Oh and its basically I need to sell videos and why you should get them.
This is advertising at its finest.
Spoken like a true manbaby who thinks he can do everything.
Gooood, what a cunt.
I have a phd and my own practice.
Doing 3D when I have time to spare and because I want to.
Sorry that I don't have to make sleazy internet videos to promote the things Im selling.
Sure you do, kid.
stop projecting and go outside more often.
The point is how the purchase can be justified, for professional anything related to work is called an investment. Also paying lots of money about using top notch commercial software can be justified as expenses. However I have nothing against Andrew which his role is to help and inform people that are just getting started. Nothing new to learn here. :)
He's a below average artist, nobody and i mean nobody could recognize anything he's ever "done". If he were to die today his work wouldn't be remembered, it would be just some sad archviz mishmash and youtube shilling
>misses the point that people who are willing to pay for courses tend to be more dedicated
this amount of autism.
That's some pretty depressing projection.
>the projection meme
take it back to instagram comment section
Meant the comments do
Some of the free online content (Arrimus, Zbrush channel) is good. Most youtube *tutorials* are garbage, though. Paid content isn't always great, but there's an overload of random crap made by random people on youtube. Paid tutorials will at least save your newbie ass from having to sift through that when you don't know what's good and what's not.
He is with no doubt a good bussines man and may know every button and short cut in blender, other than that his artworks are boring realistic renders (not so realistic DESU).
Plus there is some bad and wrong claims he uses on his tutorials like "you should never for any reason do that...: or "This is the right way to do that..."
Wich i think is bad and a big tied up hands for artists.
i think his skills for photorealism are top notch with blender.

>claims he uses on his tutorials
this statement as well.

better to explain why it works that way than label it correct/incorrect.
>better to explain why it works that way than label it correct/incorrect.
But that's exactly what he does. Of all the free tutorials available on youtube, his are among the best.

>Paid content isn't always great
Watch the video. He understands this and tells you all the other factors to consider.
i agree with that statement.
there are tutors that teach you how to do everything from procedurals/hard grunt work and its remington graphics or tutor4u. andrew explains things in theory - for example: what is the difference between dielectric and metals which is super important if you don't understand how things work in 3D graphics.
there are more practical channels for blender out there, you simply won't progress well learning only from andrew. he wastes too much time on theory. you can learn theory by just doing - sometimes its the best way
>i think his skills for photorealism are top notch with blender.

his renders arent photoreal. You would never mistake them for an actual photo.

He uses prebought assests and blatantly shills. He is so, so, so awful.
there are varying degrees of photorealism. a 3d artists will tell a 3d render faster than a regular person

i can even do that for top tier renders, its mostly because of the shadows that give it away
and yet he is successful and you are not.
Really makes you think.
>Varying degrees
Stopped reading there. Kys.

You're the one who's been projecting the whole way though?
I'm still new to 3D and have no trouble admitting that. The way I see it, Andrew made a very informative video that makes a lot of good points, and it's backed up by the fact that he has experience in the industry. In contrast, you're a 4chan poster taking a shit on him without providing a thoughtful argument to anything he says.
Taking that into account, chances are you're a far less talented artist than he is, and your posts carry even less merit.
>You're the one who's been projecting the whole way though?
I've only posted once in this thread, twice now. Kys my man.
Easy to say that, isn't it? I notice you still haven't made any thoughtful arguments or disproved anything I just said.
Something tells me there's truth to the notion you're a bitter little little man who likes to project his misfortune onto more successful artists.
I think he meant to say that different people have different standards for how photorealistic something is. If you are showing your work to people who know nothing about 3D, your work could potentially be a lot shittier and still considered photorealistic by them.

Anyway, yeah, Andrew's works are okay IMO, although nothing special. But he is a good teacher and I love how deep he goes into theory, because other artists don't.

I'm a Max user, but I tried using Blender at the beginning of my journey in 3D, and even after watching tuts by Arrimus and other big guys, only when I heard about Andrew did I start to really understand core concepts and that was the period I improved the fastest. But he is only useful for beginners, after a few weeks there was almost nothing more I could learn from him.

>About paid tutorials
I agree to an extent but from my experience there is also A TON of paid tutorials which are as shitty as some YouTube ones and which are a total waste of time. You only need to find good ones, no matter if they are paid or not.
>I agree to an extent but from my experience there is also A TON of paid tutorials which are as shitty as some YouTube ones and which are a total waste of time. You only need to find good ones, no matter if they are paid or not.
Did you not watch the video? He addresses this point well.
>Did you not watch the video?
Where do you think we are?
Eh, I did in the past, so I don't exactly remember that he mentioned that.
Exactly what I though when I first saw this
>Have a course full of poor-ass students and freelancers
>everyone's impressed by your pro-grade setup
>wow I'm deeply concerned by your being impressed by my setup

lol shut the fuck up
nobody's not buying this shit because they're fucking frugal you cunt, they're not buying it because when you're a shitty freelance 3d artist or a fucking student you don't have any fucking budget at all. It's why everyone's pirating shit or using blender in the first fucking place
File: Capture.png (27 KB, 663x382)
27 KB
>uses prebought assests
at times he does.
i've seen him model as well though.

>pic related

dude has lighting down to a t.
>literally quoting some dictionary
holy fucking shit. NYS.
New York Sity?
Spotted the child who's afraid to work and make money for his goals.
spotted the Jew.
lets go for the smallest investment you can make in 3D

good video card is about 350$
lets say you use blender or maya student for everything (which is very slim and not plausible at all. but possible)
subscription to some high quality texture site for work convenience, or quxiel\sp2 - 100-150$+ a year or fixed
high quality training and tutorials - 100$+ a year

assuming you are committed to 3D and spend a few hours very week making models and scenes i wouldn't say its a huge investment - its much cheaper than college and you get better resources than what college can offer
>the smallest investment you can make in 3D
>good video card is about 350$
stopped reading here.

Third worlders like yourself need not take part in this thread.
Okay not going to watch past 5 minutes or read any comments but here's my take on it:

You're plying a trade, those plugins, prrograms etc are tools. It is normal for tradesmen to spend a lot of money on quality tools.
quoting dictionaries is how we get retards to stop.

he did you a favour
clearly you had no clue what the fuck you were talking about
nice get

but the same could be said about your ass
File: 1482610569658.jpg (17 KB, 400x267)
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