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File: FDG0160DW10.jpg (293 KB, 720x656)
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Can someone post the dragonlock stl files please?
How hard would it be to make DnD tile dungeons in 3D? Rendering with that specific type of camera that makes everything look tiny? They look nostalgic af, I think it could be fun making them.
Something like op pic wouldn't be hard at all. Sclupting some bricks is the easiest shit ever. Take a look at this:

I like that it has the dragonbite clips, I have the old STL files with the old style clip
I'm looking for the Dragonlock Ultimate expansions
I saw these yeh. This guy is pretty dope.
not a meme, im brand new to this

What programs do people use to sculpt or model (is there a difference?) for 3d printing? Should i take classes on sculpting or just look up tutorials online?
I use Blender
can you buy them you poor nigger
then I guess you can't fucking have them then

This and affordable 3D printing will drive Games Workshop & Co. out of the business.

Just grab the free version and model other compatible stuff yourself.

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