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Underrated or Overrated?
Its the newest fad.
You realise C4D has been around for decades and is no more popular or talked about now than it has been before, right?
The only thing new here is you.
whatever makes you sleep at night bud

I tried it, I liked it a lot. I could model pretty cool stuff just by playing around with parameters. However, C4d does not export smoothing groups so I can't use it for my work.
>C4d does not export smoothing groups
Blender does.
Checkmate /3/.

Maya also does, 3ds max does too, modo too, softimage too. So what's the point? Oh yeah, shilling blender as usual.
Autojew doesn't even have to pay for advertising when it has you poor fucks.

t.3DS user

We never shill autodesk, we never use 3ds/maya logos as our profile pictures on forums, we never try to force our software down everybody else's throats. Only blenderfags (and all cheap/free software users) do that because they feel insecure about their software.
Cinema 4D's strengths:
• Cross-platform
• Retard-friendly

I understand the praise. I work at an ad agency and "had" to learn it. Because the interface is so insanely intuitive and the Help topics are ultra-comprehensive, everyone on my team got the gist of it really quickly. It feels fun to use and you're never lost. You can't jump into Blender or 3DSMax the same way.
It fits to the Adobe pipeline like a glove, too.

So I'd say that in the advertising and marketing world – underrated. If you're someone's boss, look into it.
But in the hobbyist, gamedev, serious business world? Overrated.

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