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rate the animation and model out of 10.
zootopia body/10. the thighs won't bend high enough on the pelvis with that topology btw

Animation prolly needs some more movement in the neck and shoulders.
Overly complex for what it is while having no flexibility in the mesh.
can you explain the thigh part?
looks great senpai
Am I wrong to think the topology seems kinda dense? Anyway, looks great, animation looks great too.
Torso seems a little long, even for a mouse, but that's bordering on a style / aesthetic choice.
im not an expert but those up and down movements of the eyes are really throwing me off

with thighs that fat you probably want quad loops to be at least hiked in the front. Frankly even with a topology that dense you might want to reconsider the flow of polys in general. That model is constructed like a brick house.

PS You gotta consider the ROM of a limb, legs primarily move forward.
File: 1484507221501.png (27 KB, 477x387)
27 KB
Pretty cool OP! We can very slighty feel the loop in the walk cycle, but overall it's clean as fuck! The hat seems cheap, but your character looks quite nice, and the topology aint bad at all.

u wot m8

>Am I wrong to think the topology seems kinda dense
Well isnt it what something smoothed is supposed to look like? I'm guessing OP's work topology is simpler than that, otherwise the final shapes wouldn't be as slick

>You gotta consider the ROM of a limb
Could you explain pls?
>>581709 cont.
I just checked the sneaking cycle, also quite good!! Though considering her center of gravity is lower when walking that way, it would work better if you evoked more weight pushing on her legs. Superb facial reactions though
can you share the model please, for uhh reasons?
File: ratninja.jpg (139 KB, 1008x668)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
Looks way better then my. Really cute. I think the shoulders should tilt up and down a little more. The red cape may look better being thicker.

If its maya I would suggest corrective blenshapes for the shirt and legs.


Would you mind if I use it as reference....
https://vimeo.com/230836795 OMG so cute!
File: 14496878671.jpg (23 KB, 327x237)
23 KB
It's all fun and games until you find that 3D model again on pornhub whipping out her dick
OP, don't ever do this >>581712 otherwise this >>581740 WILL happen
>he doesn't want the literal apex of artistic praise, having someone jerk off to your model
>doesn't want to give back to the community by providing something that will bring joy to people's hearts and boners
OP, people will pay you for porn of your characters.
This, with the bouncing eyes she looks like drugged
i can't explain why but it looks repulsive and creepy
File: Arc.jpg (37 KB, 405x227)
37 KB

Pretty good, though I find the eyes to be too similar to Judy Hopps.

For the animation, when the foot is planted on the ground (or sliding with character in place in this case), set those keyframes to linear. They should move at a constant speed when planted on the ground.

If you visualize the animation arc, assuming you use Maya, it should look something like pic related.
File: thumbs up.gif (547 KB, 500x200)
547 KB
547 KB GIF
you also made that https://vimeo.com/230836673

You are very talented!
File: Untitled.png (245 KB, 815x272)
245 KB
245 KB PNG
so is that all you or is it a publicly available rig
This is fucking amazing, holy shit. Again, you could give her animation a bit more action.

Also >>584002, I'd fucking love to practice animation with this rig.
also the animations in the facial one is a bit too rigid. Try making it look more fluid.
File: 1506390182780.gif (522 KB, 482x324)
522 KB
522 KB GIF
can you add a vagina or post it so i can??
I think we scared OP away. He wasn't ready for the reality of what comes from exposing your lovingly handcrafted mouse waifu to the internet
I don't think OP was ever the creator of that to begin with.
Kill yourself.

No, better yet, CASTRATE yourself, because technically since you have nothing other than your sexual pleasures in your life, you'll basically be a zombie after that.
File: bobe.jpg (106 KB, 956x720)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
>having sexual pleasures in life = having nothing other than sexual pleasures in life
ok buddy
You're a fucking retard and english is clearly not your first language, you are life undeserving of life.
>I don't think OP was ever the creator of that to begin with.
It had like 10 views before being posted here

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