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I'm sorry for opening such a bad thread but I've been waiting for a few days for a 'beginner' or 'qtddtot' thread but none came up.

I want to know what kind of 3D program, or even specifically which 3D program, might be best for the application I'm interested: designing and getting made body panels for a real vehicle (my car and my motorcycle).

I know some Blender but I think poly based programs aren't the most appropriate for this application. I'm not even sure of what the process would be like, but I guess it should be something like:
1) Make 3D model
2) Export it to a CNC machine
3) Have a negative machined onto a block of foam
4) Have the body panels be made from said negative mold

So: what is the best program for that? For making a 3D model that would be carved onto a piece of something and has to keep very precise proportions. I've read something about Rhino being more surface based, stuff about NURBS, curves... there's also CAD programs, such as Solidworks, CATIA, possibly AutoCad.

I think CAD is relevant for engineering, where stuff like forces can be simulated, which is something I'm not looking to do. Although now that we are on that topic, is there a way to easily simulate wind tunnel stuff without knowing anything about fluids, or should I have an engineering background?

I really have no idea. Any input will be welcome.
Fusion 360
And use a service for the printing and molding. Don't buy your own printer. You'll regret it if you do.
op, as a blender fag i can tell you straight up.
is the correct answer.
Thanks a lot to everyone.

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