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File: houdini1.png (909 KB, 1400x900)
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How does /3/ feel about Houdini?
File: Capture.jpg (145 KB, 1273x888)
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yeah I'll stick with Blender and other GPL licensed soft, thanks and dont let the door hit you on the way out.
>On the way out
>To his job in the industry
>While you stay on /3/ and complain about not being able to find one while preaching Blender's praises
Inb4 somebody replies with
>I have a reeeeal job
if you want to contribute to computer graphics, develop and release something under a GPL license. If you want to put CG in a stranglehold, release it under anything else.

I'll stick with my GPL and the good guys
This Blender shitposting has gotten out of hand,
>no real response
>still supporting this garbage payware

What's wrong with payware? Don't you think it's normal for programmers to ask for money for their product? don't you think it's normal for an employee to ask for a salary? Of course you blenderfags wouldn't know about that, you're too egoistical and cheap.

Blender may be free, but there are consequences. The developement is slow and no real game companies are using it due to the lack of official support.

Keep supporting your open source piece of crap you autistic blender spergjarl.
>Don't you think it's normal for programmers to ask for money for their product? don't you think it's normal for an employee to ask for a salary?
you can ask for money in donations, but its not a requirement for full use. This is the difference.
Ah so the difference is being gainfully employed versus being a beggar. I see you prefer being the latter
I work M-F 9-5 a real job where I interact with real people IRL providing physical services and labor. Software must be GPL
Ah so as long as it's not you, you prefer them to be a beggar. You value your time more than theirs for physical labour, something a machine will replace you at very soon. Don't come running when that happens.

This is not the way that works. Pro companies such as Autodesk need a lot of money, because they need to deliver good updates, bug fixes and customer support (which blender lacks). You can't live off people's generosity.
ah the ol "a machine will replace you very soon argument"
Is this satire?
It's not an argument. It's a fact and you need to be prepared for it. Mental effort is worth more than physical effort every day and you will eventually have to accept it
File: giphy.gif (3.06 MB, 300x300)
3.06 MB
3.06 MB GIF
Can you not keep replying to the Blender idiot?

What are peoples thoughts on Houdini?
Its the newest trend.

Most mental labour is going to be replaced with AIs very soon too.

Blender = cheap alcohol
Modo = crack/cocaine
Cinema4d = MDMA
Max = amphetamines
Maya = LSD
Houdini = DMT
Oh absolutely, but creative fields will be some of the last to go in the regard

The first to go will be all the CEOs when unemployment hits 40% and the masses revolt and put them against the walls.
That's if UBI isn't implemented by then. I'm confident it will be. All that will do is delay the inevitable though, which is forced sterilisation of those who can't work or contribute to society anymore. Things will either turn out really good or really bad. Probably bad

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