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I'm trying to do some modular structure shit in Unity, but placing shit over other shit has this weird shadow thing between them. I tried moving the cascade sliders, removing AO, and other shit like that. How do I fix. Help.
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It looks extra retarded now, and I still don't know how to fix it.
I actually have the same problem in UE4. I textured everything in SP and it should be seamless (I mean, it's just a wood texture, and you can't really see any patterns on it). My lights are all movable so it's not like I should bake my lighting. Don't know why it still happens.
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i tried what you said and put some shitty texture I found online to see if it works, nut I only makes it harder to see the shadows on unity, still not removing them.
Tried it on the floor in case the texture was shit, but that one looks fine.
You've got three possible solutions
1. Try enabling 32bit shadow maps in Project / Graphic Settings
2. Turn up the bias on your lights, this will result in peter panning however.
3. Live with it. Unity's shadows are garbage.
Guys, is it better to make modular walls like OP did, or to model them from planes so they only have one side? But what to do if I use a second method and I need that wall to be visible from another side in my interiors? And what to do if I want a player to pass through a door - he can't just see a razor thin wall while passing through? I usually see people use the second method.
1. You're wrong
2. You're wrong
3. You're wrong
Get the Source SDK for the Hammer editor and watch some tutorials.You can't just stack blocks on top of each other and expect them to render correctly.

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