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Amateurs or pros all welcome.
Collage will be made in the end presenting everyone's work.

Rules are simple
>Look at the topic in the OP
>Only one entry per artist per competition allowed.
>Post any Work-In-Progress of your images.
>Maximum resolution is 1920x1080 pixels.
>When uploading your entry you must include a list of the tools used.
>Only still images are allowed.
>It is advisable to trip.
>Competition runs until we get bored.
>Do your best regardless of skill level.

The topic is sci-fi nightclub.
If you are on time constraints just do whatever you can.
Consider it an exercise.

Some inspiration to get the thread going.

That's a ton of work for some random 4chan thread. I'll pass.
whats the time limit on this?
No less than a month.
If the thread dies I will repost it.
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I will post some wip.
Did some blocking out to get the general shape of the place.
The tentacles will be windows and I still dont know if I want to do the interior or exterior since they both have potential.
Also posting wires so you could see the places that will need to be redone.
This is cool idea. If I remembered how to use blender I would participate. Good luck!
delet this
File: thenet_LQ.jpg (521 KB, 1920x1080)
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I'm in. Let's keep this shit bumped. Ya'll are going D O W N.
Shit, I've never been in a night club, I'll join the next one
I really want to do animations like in that 3rd video. How does he make the shapes grow and morph into/out of each other like that? Shape keys?
No its straight up shader writing,its the demoscene after all.
Here is an example from this year on stage competition.
How does one even begin to break into shaders? What software are they using?
>How does one even begin to break into shaders?
That really depends on the platform you want to make them on but on PC they call external libs like DirectX or OpenGL while making them in the smallest size possible therefore competitions for 4k,64k ect. (k = kilobyte)
There are many platforms and even more programing languages.

For the video they use this

And for writing shaders as starting point see this.
Oh and there is step by step breakdown of the video,how its made,what tools were used ect.
Nice, thanks anon.
File: club_deck.png (797 KB, 1920x1080)
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Did some props.
The bridge is fully modeled inside out so hopefully I will put some volumetric lights to good use.
Parking cones and vehicle are something done quickly to populate the scene and I dont like them so they will be subject to position change and remodeling.
This thread is you wanting to make a blog post on your alien night club hoping to get some sort of justification and validation. No one wants to take part in this challenge. Stop.
why are you policing a board with only 10 active threads? let people post what they want you retard
That's his opinion and, if anything, your policing the police.
Stop blogging faggot
the police would be the janitor, him (basically you) is just someone who post here.
Posting some cool related images for anons to find inspiration from.
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