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Is there still a career in drafting? I was thinking about getting an Associates in computer drafting, while learning Autodesk fusion and revit on the side.
I checked BLS and the site said that electrical and electronics draftsmen are still in need.
Depends what country you are from. I know a couple people who's first language wasn't english and they received their drafting certification and couldnt find a job because they werent able to communicate.

There are plenty of drafting jobs, but there are hundreds of juniors and junior architects who come out of school every year.

Fusion is a very promising program as 3d printing is growing. I would recommend learning Fusion as it is a sought after skill for mechanical prototyping.
hundreds of drafting jobs here in California.

i want to learn drafting because of how many i see.
Have you tried Eagle with Fusion?
That could get your feet wet with electrical.
Depends on what kind of drafting you want to do. architectural, engineering or machinery. Architectural, get into both Revit and Autocad, Engineering focus on Autocad but do Revit on the side, in case you want to branch off. Machinery, Like CNC or something, get into Fusion or see what the company you want to work for is using.

It really depends is what I will tell you. I am in second-tier EU country and the job of what is basically a draftsman calls for higher education and is called "CAD engineer". I know in western EU it is different though.

I myself work automotive in Catia V5, my peers are mostly young, working 0.5, 2 and 5 years. During job interview employer himself told me that it is mostly temporary position, something for 2-3 years and then transfer to being project engineer ot FEA guy.

>Is there a career in it?

Eh, maybe not career, but I guess job has rather stable prospects. People can't design for shit and managing documentation do everything will be nice and clear is tedious and ever needed task.

Oh and prepare yourself for working only a bit in CAD and rest in managing database records, checking filenames and making such awesome things like adding 4 points and 2 tolerances to 10 different drawings and signing yourself under each. A job that good script could solve.

t. wants to automate his job after 1.5 month of working in it
Nope, No future unless you want to get about as much as a person bagging groceries.
All design work is offshored to third world countries with any mistakes fixed with a boilermaker on site or a engineered work around.
Accountants think it cheaper to do it this way.
Bring on the blockchain and destroy these parasites living off a system that they never built

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