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What in the flying fuck is MoGraph and why is so popular From what i saw it looks like some LSD simulator, also is Cinema 4D worth it overall? its way less talked about than Maya or Blender but i see mostly positive opinions, and it has a nice UI.
MoGraph is awesome. It's basically effectors with various offsets and what not. Comes in handy for modeling more often than you would think.
I started off with Cinema 4D and later switched over to Blender. With C4D, the things it does well it does really well (motion graphics), but there's lot of spots it falls, especially in regards to a game asset pipeline (bodypaint is trash, and Cactus Dan dying left a huge hole in the rigging department).

Howsit compare to hoodeenee?
Houdini is patrician

Maya is a wage cuck

Cinema 4D is pleb

Blender is autistic screeching
>Implying you cant be an autistic and patrician at the same time

have fun with limited skillset :^)
>actually limiting yourself to a tool
why people keep saying that C4D is shit? so far the renders iv seen are smooth and pretty, and the modeling tools seem decent
The UV and rigging is trash. Last time I used it (a few years ago) you couldn't even paint vertex colors.

C4D is great for plenty of things, but if you're looking to make game assets, look elsewhere.

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