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So i just started my adventure in the world of 3d modeling, using a udemy course on blender. I am thrilled!

I wanted to ask, how difficult will it be to make the jump from objects to humans/monsters?

Of course not all objects are easy, but what im trying to say is, how much harder will modeling a human be than a object, if im at that point with 3d models?
depends on previous knowledge like anatomy
the jump is a lot easier if you can draw those things well
depends. you can jump into character creation any time you want, sculpting requires no knowledge on modeling.
however making a sculpt ready for animation or texturing requires remaking the topology to a more optimize mesh.
there are people whom exclusively make clay-like sculpts and render them, you don't need any modeling or unwrapping skills for that. also you can start sculpting with dynamic topology which is a good tool if you put time into it
Making non-crappy creatures/humans is harder than making non-crappy objects, simply because our tolerance for the uncanny in living things (*especially* humans) is very low. If a table has legs 30% bigger than average, you probably won't notice (how many possible table shapes are there anyway?) If a human has eyes 30% bigger than average, he looks like a mutant.

As someone very much interested in detailed prop creation, I'd say mastering organic modeling *is* more difficult than any other 3d field, but not significantly so. The other fields also go very much in depth, but it's simply easier (and more encouraging) to become "passable" in them.

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