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File: helppic.png (112 KB, 1920x587)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
I'm making a 3d dungeon tile set which will be used in a game. I want to turn the straight, yellow wireframe into a curved, 90 degree hallway section. How can I smooth out the existing yellow geometry to curve it? It would be most ideal to work with the existing geometry since it will save me a lot UV work.

Thanks in advance, anons. I'm watching this thread like a hawk, so if I haven't provided enough info, just let me know and I'll give you whatever answers you need, more pics, etc.
add more loops and move them around

what i would do is simply extrude the curve from the previous wall, then disconnect it
File: helppic2.png (111 KB, 1920x587)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
OP here. Just in case it's not entirely clear, I want the yellow geometry to more closely match up with the white lines in pic related.
Is there a way I can move several loops at once to create a smooth curve? Proportional editing is having undesired effects.
hold on uploading video
File: 2017-09-06 00-19-20.webm (2.43 MB, 1024x600)
2.43 MB
2.43 MB WEBM
before you decide to do this, just keep in mind there is a more accurate way of doing this with modifiers, just tell me and ill do another
File: Scale Around 3d Curse.png (1.75 MB, 1920x1855)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB PNG
Thanks for the vid! I got another method figured (of course it only comes to me now!)

>Started with the existing geometry.
>Inserted 4 loop cuts.
>Since these tiles take up 2x2 grid, I placed my 3D cursor at the corner I wanted the hall to bend around.
>Select the 4 new loop cuts
>Set the pivot center to 3d cursor
>Scale the 4 loop cuts along x and y (S -> Shift Z)
>Deselect the two outer most new loops
>Scale the last two in the same manner
>Result is pic related

Thanks, again for the vid.
And so after a month of hard work and several tutorials, OP was able to make a curved hallways with his Blender. Now on to making a half of a room within the next 6 months!
doesn't blender have insert loop with edge flow lol
Woah so this is the power of literally noobs.
What the fuck did I just watch? No wonder Blender is free, you just do everything by hand it seems.

>need to set up a new cube mesh
>i got my xyz world space coords in my mind
>open up notepad++, "here we go bois"
it was off the cuff you nerd. i could take 2 exact cubes and bridge them
Low quality bait. Use the Bridge Loops tool

The "3D Software X is sucks because I don't know how to use it, therefore 3D Software Y is objectively better in every conceivable way," meme needs to stop. Yes, Blender can be obtuse at times, but within a couple hours, I had finished all of the basic room tiles.
is that unity? BGE? am curious cuz i made a walking simulator with bge game logic
I rendered it with Cycles in Blender. The materials are very basic, just a coordinates and mapping node hooked up to an image texture hooked up to a diffuse node.
File: Sequence 01.webm (1.58 MB, 800x450)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB WEBM
easiest way is to use spin. theres a lot of steps i wrote but it only takes literally 5 seconds once you know the workflow. i had to speed the video up and lower the quality to fit it here but hopefully it's clear enough

1) separate bend into separate object (Y) and go into edit mode for the bend object
2) set 3d cursor to origin of the bend. since everything is grid based, i made a vertex (CTRL + secondary click (whatever you set it to)), snapped it to the grid (Shift + S, Selection to grid), and set the 3d cursor to its location (Shift + S, Cursor to selection)
3) delete the end of the bridge that you already have since spin is going to be extruding the loop you have selected (select with C or B, then X, delete vertices)
4) in the top view use spin (Spacebar, search "spin") it will spin depending on your viewport angle, so make sure that you are pointing the viewport in the correct location for your spin (top view in your case)
5) use the settings in the tool panel (T if it's closed) to make the right kind of bend. in your case the angle would be -90 degrees and steps is just the number of edge loops.
6) go back to object mode (tab) and join the objects together (CTRL+J) i pressed ctrl+p by accident so ignore that
7) go into edit mode and remove the double vertices (W, remove doubles)

you now have a perfect bend
You need to stop wasting your time in Blender.
If it's true, that would be amazing because not even the developers have ever been able do anything useful with Blender's legendary game engine.
The exposure is grossly wrong. Whatever is in that image is barely visible. Cycles strikes again I guess.
You now have a perfectly useless bend because you don't have the rest of the level, because you can't do it in Blender and you don't have an engine to play it.

Let me also remind you the the Blender game engine is GPL licensed, which means you'll never be able to sell your game.
who cares about that shit? fuck off
where is your work? post it here so i can ravage it like a shark
File: 1493153466363.jpg (13 KB, 228x238)
13 KB
>this whole video
You should care about the fact that Blender is wasting your time and is distracting your from learning useul tools of which there are many.
>You now have a perfectly useless bend
it's literally just a cleaner version of what you could just do by hand
>because you don't have the rest of the level
he asked how to make rounded corners not how to make a whole level. or do you think that you need to make a whole level before you can... actually make the level? are you drunk?
>because you can't do it in Blender
i literally made a fucking video of me doing it in blender you fucking imbecile
>you don't have an engine to play it
export it as a fucking fbx and import it into whatever engine you're using. what the fuck are you even talking about?
>Let me also remind you the the Blender game engine is GPL licensed, which means you'll never be able to sell your game
nobody uses the fucking blender game engine you fucking autistic half-braindead motherfucker
>blender is wasting your time
anon is wasting his time by reading your post.
Lmao autodesk I cannot believe you actually go this far to shit on your competition
hahahaha holy shit this is the power of blender

you are the saddest fucking person iv ever seen,how did /3/ become so cucked that showing your "software of choice" is more important than showing your work? iv never seen any autodesk user that champions himself just because of the software hes using, what a sorry sack of shit
File: test.jpg (65 KB, 640x480)
65 KB
I wish those posts were all me because I happen to agree with every single one of those and it's not my fault if Blender is so bad.
but you are bad, either way at least
>not my fault if Blender is so bad
i'd really like to read a post from you explaining exactly why you think blender is bad.

>hard mode:
you can't complain about the fact that you wasted 4 years and a ton of debt on a college degree and an overpriced program.

>Blend cuck being so delusional
he is just a modder that never modeled in his life, one time he tried inserting his shitty quake bsp maps into blender and couldn't setup the GI or AO so he went ballistic over it.
the funny thing is, he thinks people care about his sob story
>he is just a modder
That's right. I'm a programmer. I've never claimed to be an artist. Blender is an old software to which I've given many honest shots at being useful over the years. It always consistently and miserably failed. That is my experience.
>iv never seen any autodesk user that champions himself just because of the software hes using, what a sorry sack of shit
I've also never seen a Blender user waste literal months of his life searching every thread on /3/ to shit on what software other people use.
Blender people do nothing else than virtue signaling. They rarely do 3D because Blender doen't work, so that's essentially all they do.
>I'm a programmer
>It always consistently and miserably failed
well, anon. if you're programming skills were up to snuff you'd be fine in blender.

you should really point that finger towards your own errors, not blender's.

python isn't that hard of a language to learn.
blender's api is pretty straight forward to.
so straight forward that if you mouse over anything in the program it'll tell you it's exact line of code to reference it in your scripts.

how the fuck did you expect something from q3radiant to get imported into blender anyways?

that's like trying to get hl2 maps from hammer to just work in blender.

2 totally different animals.

you should try modeling in blender with a script since you can do that.
well, maybe not you since you have a hard time with python.

>blender's api is pretty straight forward
They change it in a backward incompatible way every single release.
>something from q3radiant to get imported into blender
Why would you want to import something into Blender or use Blender at all?
>Why would you want to import something into Blender or use Blender at all?
because it works. maybe it didn't work with your nigerian sand map, but who cares
>because it works
The whole industry disagrees with you.

The industry doesn't use blender because they don't have any customer support and don't learn the software at school. That doesn't mean it's a bad software by any means, it's great for freelancers. I'm a Mayafag but the latest blender version is very good (way better than it used to be).
FYI you don't have to separate the faces into a separate object to make the curve. Also the hotkey for spin is Alt+R.

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