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>tfw there are people pirating NUKE 10 or god forbid 11

God bless their souls i hope their death will be fast and painless
Why, did Nuke 12 come out?
I think its a meme about how theFoundry tracks down everyone pirating Nuke (or probably their other programs) and taking some measures against them, dunno if its true
Well, it's not really a meme, but Nuke 11 does go crazy with the number of outgoing connections, v10 had like 5 or so and you could easily block them, while v11 generates hundreds and in some cases thousands.
If you do want to use this program with piece of mind, put it on an air-gapped system or a VM with no network relay.

The foundry would search the oceans to bust every pirate they can find, even hobbyists. Don't pirate their software if you intent making money with them, this kind of stuff makes them go ballistic.
b8. There are tons of videos or posts on how to crack v11. And nobody is crying in the comments that some man in black paid them a visit
Its sure is some kind of psy-ops, trying to scare people but also a real chance that they send some lawyer after you.
If you use a cracked license server and a higher number of machines.
If your IP can be linked with a company/freelancer ID.

Basically if they think they can get money from you, they might try.
But mostly they don't go after noobs, kids and hobbyist.
Just that their Lawyers are nasty using a shotgun approach to it (which occasionally hurt their own customers.)

If i where a legit customer, i would be pretty pissed about that bullshit with the outgoing connections.

Its time to learn Fusion for me and SGO just released Mistika Insight to the public.
please get raped you memeshitting retard
I don't even know what that "Nuke" is for, but hearing constant memeing on /3/ about it makes me want to pirate it
Its like After Effects but actually good. And its the standard in the film industry
The Foundry ? umhh what about MODO then ?
Difference being nobody gives a flying fuck about MODO compared to Nuke.
>If i where a legit customer, i would be pretty pissed about that bullshit with the outgoing connections.
I suppose, although most people wouldn't actually monitor stuff like that.
The ironic bit is that legit customers of Nuke usually air-gap their systems anyway to avoid compromising their projects what with hacks and leaks being a big thing these days, your average studio wouldn't take the chance. But on the off-chance you're ever at a studio and the main editing station has an active internet connection, then they've got a problem you'd better talk to them about.
I just wonder how this is supposed to work technically ?
they are not lawyers monitoring torrents
They can't just ask random ISPs for Names of people behind IPs
so the whole thing is probably bullshit to scare the children
works like this:
I don't understand sibirian snow nigga speak
Nuke is the only software I haven't downloaded because I've heard too much shit about the foundry coming after people. I constantly hear about using a vmware comp with zero network config or a complete "off-the-air" computer. Either way, there's some method to madness. 10 and up have a fuckton of network connections. That's fucked, even if you have a legit license.
You have options. You can download Natron for (cracked) OFX plugins, use After FX for cheaper/easier stuff, or get a legit but slightly limited version of Fusion. Or get a cracked unlimited version of Fusion where you can use OFX plugins. I don't think you really need Nuke.

If you'll get turned on like me by obscure and esoteric software give Mistika a test-drive.
>'ve heard too much shit about the foundry coming after people.
are there any actual sources for this or is just more creepypasta from the dumbweb?
Nuke up to 10.5 is i think good to go while pirated, 11 is the one thats a fucking devil
Its all creepypasta, even if they send you an email (how the fuck would they even have your email if you have a pirated version) just delete it/break your HDD whatever.
Pirating software and using it just for personal non-commercial use is perfectly legal and they can't do jackshit about it, holy fuck you people need to read some more.
>Block Nuke.exe in firewall
>Block server in firewall

wew so hard
I've been using nuke cracked since 10 and absolutely nothing has happened, gtfo
Every big company will go after you if you use their shit for commercial use as a small indie studio or something like this (Good luck if its a big studio using a pirated program). Autodesk will go after your ass if you are creating an animated commercial movie with Maya, Adobe will go after your ass if you are using Photoshop to get money doing some high-tier freelance work, Side effects will go after your ass if you use houdini for a commercial game effects. Same with TheFoundry going after your ass if you will make money with a pirated Nuke, but i am pretty sure all of this companies don't give a fuck if you just fuck around with their software just for yourself
people download Non-commercial version of Nuke from Founry.com
Some use an e-mail address to register which can be easily traced back to their real name.
Then they crack Nuke.
They think they have it all figured out like this idiot >581247
But Nuke phones home anyways.
Cracked Version = NC version connected to email = real name, ergo mail from lawyer.
in what country?
Anecdotal evidence means nothing.
holy sheet tho...£6000 for the studio version and over a grand to rent it? who the hell is behind the development of these programs to get them classed as 'industry standard' (btw it it strictly performance/capability that gets something labelled as industry standard or is it just name riding and marketing, if its the latter than I sympathize with the pirates at those prices for a mere label)
So if you straight up pirate Nuke without having an acc. On the Foundry you are fine? Also post evidence. I cant see some proofs of thefoundry calling a shitplace like Nigeria or Poland or Thailand or whoever the fuck pirated it. You rpost is as much an evidence as the post of the guy that said he uses the cracked version
I just told you an example, how Foundry could get people's mail.
I have heard Nuke 11 opens up you mail client and straight up dials home to their Software Compliance dept.
If you live in a shitplace like Nigeria, you've got other problems, Poland is right in the middle of the EU so i 'd rather be careful, idk about Thailand.

Thats literally the only way if they dont hack into your system
How is Jan from Poland using Nuke to create funny videos the same as a company running multiple ones for money you monkey
The other way is tracking your IP and MAC get a warrant and write to your ISP.
Also they don't need to hack your system. They ARE in your system when you installed Nuke. Do you think Nuke is unable to execute some Python code and deliver a payload via Webclient?
You are naive if you think there are not more attack vectors.

Don't be so fucking dense. I never implied they where the same.
But in the eyes of the Foundry there is only one distinction: Can they get money from the "clients" or not.
Just a brutal cost-benefit analysis there is NO other motivation behind their behavior.
I am pretty sure it would've be known if they took someone to court if it was one guy just doing it for fun, hell i am sure there would be a ton of buzz around it. But i heard nothing about something like this
File: 1451840666281.jpg (9 KB, 288x268)
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>I have heard Nuke 11 opens up you mail client and straight up dials home to their Software Compliance dept.

Are you a theFoundry worker by any chance
They usually don't go to curt they settle for an price (license + penalty fee) but i agree its not really that much different than with Autodesk and Adobe.

I am not here to spread fear and misinformation. I am just saying, there is a risk but you can outsmart them.
Just don't be naive and take the fact they leave you poor hobbyist alone as granted. They log you anyways and you'll land in their data-base.
Unless you know how to make 100% sure the software cannot communicate with their servers you are not safe from their data-mining.

Best solution for all that surveillance data-mining, crypto-virus, trojan, hacking, internet-cancer shit:

All personal, important stuff goes on an (secure/ air-gapped) Workstation, gaming, media consumption and the web-cancer on a separate PC.
>but i agree its not really that much different than with Autodesk and Adobe.

If they ever took money from someone for pirating their program for personal one person use (which they didn't, not one single source on the internet on that) they would be much different than Autodesk or Adobe because Autodesk for example dosn't give a single fuck if you pirate Maya or Max or Mudbox
You can check your connections with a bunch of programs like TCPviewer and see how Nuke tries to comunnicate with the internet and just block those connections with a firewall, like from what i remember (dont quote me on this) Nuke 8 or 9, whatever, i think had only like 5 connections in which 3 were the server and 2 were the program when you started it, so by my logic if you blocked this two programs in the firewall, the server and the app, Nuke wouldn't be able to connect with the internet anymore.
read this

They do give a fuck the moment they can harvest your income.
Don't pretend to be safe just because these huge companies have temporarily decided to let it slide.
Make sure they can't fuck you.
Try it with Nuke 11 and tell us the results.

>Try it with Nuke 11 and tell us the results.

I will not do that, but what else can send the connection except for the .exe of the app itself and the server?

Even if the Nuke11.exe sends like 1000000 connections as long as you block the exe. itself in the firewall not one will go trought
>these huge companies have temporarily decided to let it slide

Please post me a story where Autodesk attacked a guy for pirating maya please.
If you have to ask, you obviously don't know shit. I don't either about network stuff, so i always assume the worst. Which is appropriate in this case.

no i will not.
your weak excuse for your feeling of safety is the fact that these companies have not attacked private hobbyist pirates in the past....by choice.
Anon use your fucking brain, if you can see every connection on your pc, and the program that makes them, if you block them how will they connect to the web?
How about you use your fucking brain, i already told i don't know shit about network stuff. Go figure it out for yourself.
thats not how it works. If it did, then the NSA would never be able to spy on ppl
"They" don't "spy" by programs in your PC they spy by you browsing the internet and they can do that because they have a deal with the biggest companies in the world.
File: 1453031762739.jpg (11 KB, 256x256)
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>Have a Ryzen 7 1700 16GB of Ram an SSD and a GTX 1080
>Nuke chokes to basically unusable shit state on a HD 720p 10 sec video with 2 trackers (6 total tracker points) and one corner pin. Uses 9+GB of Ram while doing it

Great program, superior node base software amrite
Give Fusion 9 a test-run. It has a new tracker.

Also Nuke never uses more than 6 threads. They keep the rest in reserve for when you need it for background rendering. Your Ryzen 7 in that case is barely faster than my 5 year old I7 3770k.
Still Nuke's performance is kinda lame.....
>That's fucked, even if you have a legit license.
or you could you know not fucking pirate software because you grew up
All the big boy software has great backend coding, which makes a difference when you want your rendered image sequence to have something like, oh, I don't know, playable sound in an mp4. Don't even bother trying to do complex scene animations with open source software. Half the battle is just getting the shit to even work.

People will stop pirating when software starts getting reasonably priced. MODO is $50 a month, the entire Substance suite is $20. These are softwares people will buy. Meanwhile other shit runs in the thousands for single term licenses.

Digital goods carrying the prices of rare Earth minerals is the cause of piracy.
>MODO is $50 a month, the entire Substance suite is $20. These are softwares people will buy

Funny you say that when expensivea as fuck Maya is like 50000x more popular than MODO
That is simple to understand since Maya is a production proven generalist 3dcc while Modo is arguable nothing more than a Modelling and render suite.
Luxology/foundry tries to imply its a full-blown 3dcc when the truth is that its not.
Piracy or not, why would you use a software with such alarming malware-like behavior?
Because if you have atleast a one digit IQ you can easily block the connections

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