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File: rollbud.jpg (69 KB, 948x432)
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Hey guys, I´m looking for a designer who could redesign this all in one smoking equipment from the picture into a 3D printable file. Because it its overpriced, in my opinion. I guess that one of you could model it without any problem. If you are interested we could make contact here and negotiate compensation. If everything works out I could also send you the printed thing.
There is also a presentation video. Just google rollbud.
ehh its cheap. just don't ask a 3d modeler to do this. ask someone with cad training.

maybe try some cad forums or something
Looks like its mostly injection molded. You could 3d print it, but the threads on the end cap might be tricky. Also i looked on the website and the wind guard is made of steel, not plastic. Unless you have your own 3d printer it will be cheaper to just buy it.

Anyway im willing to have a go at it, i have a reasonable amount of experience using CAD to design things for 3d printing. Give me your deets and i'll get in touch.
>Because it its overpriced
It's $34 you entitled little piece of shit, what do you spend on weed that you can't come up with that
> pls someone reverse engineer this so I only spend what *I* think it's worth
Millennials, everyone
> Because it its overpriced
$34 retail could be as low as $6 wholesale, so you are asking to have it designed and manufactured for less than that.
The plastic thing costs maybe 3$ to produce and I really enjoy my 3D printer. Also with the stl file it would become open source so everybody can change it to his heart's content. I also started designing it in tinkercad but I have difficulties with the threads an everything aligning. I guess it would take a pro maybe 30 minutes to design. It's basic geometric figures inside each other.

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