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Hey guys, I need some help. I'm planning to launch a portfolio website where clients can contact me and hire me online, I will use 2checkout and Bitcoin for payment but here's my problem; how the (trust-thing) works between me and my clients? if i ask them to pay first that might freak them out and if i do the opposite they may never pay, what should i do?
They pay first. You are the proffesional with a sevice.
That's not how it works in many businesses
that's confusing, is there any freelancer here who would like share their experience?
You make a contract with the clients.
You define your service and the terms of payment.

How exactly that looks like you have to research on sites like cgtalk and polygon, there should be some threads with examples and stuff.
Get a client first. That's the hard part. Everybody in business gets ripped off sometimes. But that's a godd thing. It means you're doing business.
use a mediator dumbass
File: rollbud.jpg (69 KB, 948x432)
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How much to design this ? As a printable .stl
Poor student here ?
OP here, i'm sorry i'm a concept artist, but i'm planning to learn 3d printing and Fusion 360.
You ask for a deposit and at the end you don't deliver anything to them until you have all your money in your account. Also make sure to have them sign a contract with you
File: 1422574102631.png (200 KB, 600x451)
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ideal, but rarely works

>Everybody in business gets ripped off sometimes. But that's a godd thing. It means you're doing business.
That's retarded, it is never okay to accept this kind of situation. Many will try to rip you off, do your best to not let them. Protect yourself with contracts, keep emails exchanges, etc. Verbal agreements are worth jack shit.

This is the best thing.
I freelanced for many years before getting my actual job, and this seemed fair for everybody: 50% of the $ upfront, 50% at the final delivery. Every work in progress inbetween was watermarked and provided at lower resolution than the final just to make things more secure. Be easy-going about the work/relationship, but be firm on things that might become legal issues.
ayy that's bretty dope senpai
I know. But to expensive and I can't design. If you design it and I print it I will send you one.
File: 1505118668570.jpg (16 KB, 300x300)
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Charge 50% first, have a good portfolio and make a cheap char design for free (if that´s the case).
If the client needs/wants more, he pay up the rest of the 50% and asks for the next model/animation. You usually are tipped off that the job´s done when the client doesn´t pay the last 50% of the last job.
Making a standard, signed contract beforehand specifying those rules is usually a good idea.
freelancing for 6 years now, 13 years in industry.
Dont use bitcoind or cryptocurrency unless its the second wast of earning money for you. Always use paypal or bank transfer, something that is traceable and secured. No wester union, just no.
You WILL get scammed at some point, sorry. Thats life. However, if you're solid, you can ask for percentage of final payment before you start work, mainly to check if client is serious - this is non-refunded money, you have no idea how many times i needed to fire client because they changed their vision 325times, and were suprised wanted to bill them for every hour of changes. Solid portfolio, and for first ~half of the year expect rather shitty work unless you hit some goldmine, after that, the word about your skills and business relations, and more and more work should be coming to You.
Also, have two types of prices per hour - one for indie, one for AAA - i find 25$/h for indie to be usually most acceptable, while for AAA i had a chance to work for as high as 70$/h. Also, if you have some free time, dont be afraid to do some pro-bono work (if it doesnt collide with your work - you still need to pay bills, remember) - i have few clients that give me work (that i usually give to my junior artists now) because they knowme, and i've helped them in their first project for little or no money - but you NEED to have something from this work, so at least perfolio piece is required, at best would be listed as co-developer on their site. If you have more questions, ask.

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